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Monday, November 16, 2015

I recently connected with a mother, Jennifer, whose son, Hudson was also born with clubfoot. I was excited when I saw the fundraiser she is doing in honor of Hudson's 3rd birthday! She has teamed up with Miraclefeet the organization  I spoke about here. I asked her if I could promote this awesome fundraiser on my blog and she gladly accepted. I love finding out stuff like this and running into moms like me who have made it their mission to help the clubfoot community. Not only is this a fundraiser, but these awesome nail wraps raise clubfoot awareness. I always notice cute nail polish on other women and sometimes I ask what the name is or where I can find it, so I can imagine someone asking me and me taking that chance to talk about clubfoot and Miraclefeet! My favorite wrap is the first one with the word clubfoot all over! So cute!!! Honestly I love them all, Jennifer did a great job designing these. They would make a great little gift for a clubfoot mom or stocking stuffer for the holidays for any girl, since she also designed the floral print.
All the proceeds to this fundraiser are being donated to Miraclefeet to help children around the world with clubfoot. These children who don't have the means to get clubfoot treatment like we do here in the U.S. Miraclefeet can help treat a child with clubfoot with only $250! Just last week they won the Tech Award for their amazing brace that has helped children in 13 countries! 
To order your set and help clubfoot children around the world click here if you have Facebook and here  if you do not. You will have that sense of pride knowing you did such a good deed and your nails will thank you for it!
Which one is your favorite? 
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