Surrounded by Males

Yes we are having another BOY! My initial reaction was " My life will always be chaotic and I will never get the experience of my daughter braiding my hair or getting to see what she would have looked like." I guess deep inside I always knew the baby was another boy, but my dream of it being a girl would always take over and put me in denial. After having a bit of a pitty party for about a week, I finally got over it. Being a mother to all boys is a huge blessing! I will be their first love, their first kiss, the woman they will always compare other women to, and of course I will be lucky enough to have the attention of all these males! Haha. Now I am over the moon excited and cannot wait to meet this little man. I let my husband choose his name, since this will be our last baby, and I love it! Josiah Solomon will be arriving early May and we are so happy! He is already such a big part of this family and my boys include him in our prayers and all our future plans. Its so beautiful to see my boys talk to my belly and feel Josiah move around to his brothers voice or pokes! He is amazingly active and feels very heavy to me at times, but I am trying to enjoy every minute of this final pregnancy.

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