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The Importance of Siblings

Before getting pregnant with my second baby, Luis and I had decided on no more kids. Abram was a great baby and he fulfilled our baby needs. As a family of 3 life seemed easy. There was no problem finding a babysitter, going to the store was easy, and responsibilities for one child were not that draining.


5 Ways To Show Love

Valentine's Day has come and gone. Personally, it is not a big deal around here. Luis and I have had 11 of them and it's not all the hype it used to be. Now you could easily take this the wrong way. I am fully aware of how that sounds, but the reason it's not a big deal for us is because we show each other love every day.


You Are Only Human

Happy Friday! I feel like I should apologize to my avid readers because I have not written a post since last Friday. In my defence I had a bit of a rough week. 

Josiah had been having a hard time sleeping at night and was being very fussy throughout the day. Well turns out little guy has a 2nd tooth breaking in! Yay! On Wednesday he turned 9 months and I still cannot believe how quickly time flies. I can still remember his first few days at home and how beautiful he smelled. I loved just holding him and rubbing his cute little crooked feet. Now he only likes being held when he wants to go to sleep, the rest of the day he is all over the house doing the army crawl. One of these days I will take a video and upload it for you to see what a crazy baby I have on my hands. He has become such a handful, even his brothers rat him out to me! Haha. Ahh the life of a boy mom, chaotic yet oh so rewarding!



Raising Boys


February Fears

It's the beginning of the month and with that always comes new challenges to face and new obstacles to overcome.
January went by so fast and I know I didn't succeed at some of the goals I had last month, but that doesn't mean I roll over and give up.  I am a very positive person and I believe that if you have a personal goal or something you are aiming for you should never stop until you achieve it.

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