Patiently waiting for his treat!
Jack playing swords with Abram!

Jack tearing up his Christmas gift!

Looking back on my posts I don't think I have ever mentioned we own a crazy Chocolate Labrador Retriever named Jack Frost. We bought him for Abram as a birthday gift when he turned 4 years old in 2013. Abram named him after Jack Frost from the movie Rise of the Guardians. We got him when he was only 7 weeks old and he was beautiful, pure bred and so much work! Lol. I had heard Labs were great family dogs and pretty easy to train so we went for it! Its nearly 2 years later and he is still crazy! Jack is a really loving dog and so protective of the kids. Sometimes I have a hard time with how hyper he is, since I already deal with 2 other crazy boys in the house, but I can't picture our family without him. My in laws just went through the loss of their Boxer of about 10 years and it makes me sad to think someday Jack will pass on us. The boys love him so much and always play with Jack as the bad guy or monster out to get them and they all love it! Haha. So if anyone is thinking of getting a family dog I do highly recommend a Labrador, just know it takes a lot of training, patience, and about 2 years of some chaos, but the love they give your family outweighs those chaotic times!


Rained In Recipe

Eli loves fresh carrots from farmers market!

I absolutely love rainy days! Usually we lounge around all day and watch movies, play games, cook comfort foods and best of all cuddle under the blankies!! We took out the biggest tri tip to defrost last night in hopes that it wouldn't rain and Luis could BBQ it, his tri tip is my all time favorite!! However since it did rain I just threw it in the crockpot to enjoy a yummy pot roast like dinner. 
My husband trimmed most of the fat from the tri tip, I like some for extra flavor! I rub the whole thing really good with Susie Q, set it in the crockpot and splash about 2 tablespoons of Worcestershire Sauce ( I just eyeball it). I cut up 3 potatoes, 3 carrots, 1/2 onion and 3 garlic cloves and throw those just spread out over the tri tip. Lastly I add the beef broth just to coat the meat and veggies. I set the timer for 5 hours on high and let the yummy smell take over the house! You may add whatever other veggies you want or have on hand but these are pretty much the ones that taste the best. On occasion I've also added celery. Also you may try whatever favorite seasoning you have on hand, just try not to over salt since the Worcestershire sauce and beef broth has some salt as well. Then enjoy! 
My family loves the crockpot meals I make. I dont usually take credit though because I just throw in what I think might taste good and let the crockpot do the work. I really love my crockpot though it allows me to cook while keeping busy with other stuff as well!
Hope you enjoy this recipe and tell me what you think or how you may change it!



Who will he look like?!

A couple of nights ago we were taking family selfies before bed. Haha! Abram and Eli are constantly grabbing my phone and taking selfies or videos of themselves being crazy. Days later they crack up about the videos and wanna take more! Lol. Crazy kids. Anyways this morning my husband and I were wondering what Josiah will look like and who he will resemble the most. Luis thinks he will be the fairest skin of the boys, while I think he might be darker. I'm guessing he might have the most hair, since I have had the most heartburn this pregnancy. Old wives tales say heartburn means hairier babies! One thing we both agree on is that he will most likely  look like both Abram and Eli. People always tell me the boys look like twins if it weren't for the age difference. The real difference is their personalities. Abram is more shy and reserved around new people or strangers, more like my husband. While Eli just goes up to random people and says Hi. Eli makes you feel like hes known you forever and is very talkative when you meet and definitely more affectionate, more like me! I cant wait to meet Josiah and see who he looks like and his little personality! I am so anxious to be the mother of 3 crazy boys. Its so fun and never a dull moment at our house.
Happy weekend from my boys (hubby included) and I!!!




As it is I have a hard time sleeping! I wake up every night just out of habit to check on the boys and cover them up because our house gets pretty cold and the blankets never manage to stay on them since they sleep so crazy. Some nights I manage to stay asleep but its very rare. Other nights Eli wakes up crying for whatever reason or coughing since he has asthma. Well last night he fell asleep at 7pm and didn't wake up until 8am! However I woke up at 2:50am and could not go back to sleep until 5am only to get woken up by Luis' alarm only 15 min later!! Needless to say I am very exhausted today! The weather here is so cold that I just wanna climb back into bed and sleep all day. I will definitely be walking around like a Mombie today because of my Momsomnia. LOL!! Hope everyone else got good sleep and you have a great day.



Getting ready for the Hospital!!

I Started packing my bag for the hospital! This is the third time I do this so I pretty much know the stuff I need and the stuff I don't. This time around I'm using only one bag for both me and baby. The other 2 times I take my bag and a diaper bag and I don't end up needing the diaper bag because the hospital gives you so much stuff to take home in other bags. So this time I am only taking 2 outfits for baby, a long sleeve and a short sleeve and thats it. The hospital literally gives you everything else! Diapers, wipes, pacifiers, baby wash, and even swaddle blankets are all provided by hospital. 

For myself I pack a little more, but still some of this stuff is not needed since again hospital provides some of this stuff.
-Going home outfit
-Very large over the incision underwear (since I have always had a c-section)
-Flip flops for the shower, I hate standing on hospital floors!
-Travel size shampoo and conditioner
-Body wash or soap bar
-Face wash and Moisturizer
-Eye Cream, for tired bags
-Brush or Comb
-Make up. I know after having a baby its excusable to look natural, but I like to look a bit put together! lol
-Glasses and contacts with solution
-Toothbrush and toothpaste/ mouthwash
-Snacks for when you get hungry and they finally allow you to eat!
-Chargers for whatever electronics your brining along

Stuff for Hubby:
- An extra outfit or at least T-shirt and undies!
-Snacks and money for vending machine
-Water bottle
- Something to read

In the past I overpacked and didn't need a lot of stuff I took, so now I really stick to essentials and try to make life easier for myself and my hubby. Of course installing the car seat is one thing you can't forget. This time around I also packed a bag for Abram and Eli because I'm sure the first night they will be staying with my sister. They each had an extra outfit, pj's, socks, underwear, towels , sweaters, a toy for each, and some shoes. My sister provides the rest  including entertainment and food! Haha

I have a Dr appointment today so I'm excited to possibly be seeing my new little man soon!


Wonderful Weekend

Friday night Luis and I went on our last date until Josiah gets here. We had a great dinner in San Luis Obispo and walked around and did some shopping for the the baby! We had a blast and although we missed the kids we needed some alone time away. Luis and I have been together nearly 11 years, but we are still crazy about each other! We never run out of stuff to talk about or feel bored with one another. I truly love this man, I can be pretty difficult sometimes and he really knows how to deal with me or kick me out of a bad groove. He has always been supportive of my dreams and inspires me to better myself every day. Luis is such a great father, I've never seen kids crazier for their dad then my kids. In fact on Saturday I gave Luis time to himself to rest up and relax before the baby comes. The kids and I went to stay with my sister and we didn't see him again until Sunday afternoon. Well both Abram and Eli missed daddy and kept talking about him and how much they missed him! I love the strong bond they have, as a parent thats all you can ask for! Luis is just one of those guys everyone likes after they meet him. My whole family is crazy about him. I'm so blessed that he is my husband and the man God chose for me to spend my life with, date nights with him are a real blast!!

Sunday was my Mom's birthday! My family had a little lunch and cake for her. She hasn't really been feeling well lately so she didn't want too much hype. We had a great day though. My mom was hoping I had Josiah on her birthday, but no luck! Haha. Shes a great lady. I am very happy she is my mother. She has always set a good example for us and tried to give us the best she could. She had a total of 6 kids and I honestly don't know how she did it! She is a real trooper and I can only hope to be half of what she is! Again I am truly blessed she is my Momma. We may not always see eye to eye, but I try to remember times are way different then she remembers and she does mean well. She really loves my boys and I'm grateful for that. 
All in all I had a great family filled weekend and feel so happy to be bringing one more baby into our crazy clan! Hope everyone has a great week!!!



Since Having Eli I had serious complexion problems. I had oily skin that would always breakout and nothing was helping. For a long time I used Proactive, but I had read stuff about how there was ingredients in the system that made your skin addicted to the stuff and your skin would go wacko after use. So I discontinued use and my skin did infact go wacko! 

This picture is from about a year ago and you could see on my forehead and right cheek all the zit scars. I hated this! I felt extremely ugly. I opted to try natural stuff like raw honey and lemon to wash my face and moisturized with Rosehip Seed oil and Vitamin E oil. It worked good, but not fast enough for me and my skin still felt oily and looked shiny.
I decided to go back to trying stuff out. This time I went with department store creams, maybe you do get what you pay for. I started using Philosophy Purity Made Simple face wash morning and night, and every couple days with my Clarasonic Mia, my sister had given me for Christmas. My face felt awesome! It finally felt clean without over drying or leaving my skin oily. I loved the cleanser so much I decided to try their Hope in a Jar Moisturizer. Together these have worked awesome balancing my skin out. 
As you can see its made a huge difference! This picture was from this morning. I actually feel like I can go out places without make up now and I don't look that bad! I really do feel back to normal. Now the last thing I have been using is Hylunia Complex C. My sister gave me a sample size of this stuff a while back ago and it just sat there, so one night I decided I'd put it on my dark spots and see if they would lighten up as well as try to fight aging. Well I feel very strongly that it has played a part in healing my scars. I'm addicted and luckily my sister has been giving me all her samples, but I would definitely buy it either way. I have been using all 3 of these products for about a month and a half and since the change has been so dramatic I had to share! I also want to clarify this is my personal and honest review and nobody is paying me for this review. I simply love these products and can see the difference they have made on my skin.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



Avila Farms

I've been nesting like crazy! The last 3 days I have finished the nursery, washed all of the baby stuff, deep cleaned bathrooms, cleaned out closets, and a bunch of other stuff I wont bore you with. In the past I nest pretty hardcore right before the boys have come so we'll see if this little guy comes soon. My mom is hoping he comes Sunday because thats her birthday! 
Anyways on Friday I had a dr appointment and since it was on the way back, we stopped by the Avila Farms. The boys love it there because they get to feed all the animals, go on hayrides, ride ponies, get yummy produce, all in all its just fun! Unfortunately apple picking wasn't in season and the pony ride was closed, but they still had a blast. 
I love going on unpredictable adventures with my boys! Sometimes we just go to the store and suddenly make a day of going to the park or the beach or even just the toy store to look at the toys. I try my hardest to find fun things for us to do, but sometimes its hard around this area. My oldest is a huge home body so it takes a lot of convincing to get him out of the house. Like when we go to farmers market today I know he'll protest, but Eli loves it! We also have a playdate today with some friends. Hoping the day stays nice! 
Have a great day!!



Bh Cosmetics

I've recently discovered and I am not only blown away by the prices of these cosmetics, but of the quality. My first order was the Pro Matte Finish Pressed Powder. At the time it was $4.95, but after lengthy research I found that it was being compared to the Mac Pro Finish Powder, so I figured I'd give it whirl. I can honestly say it is my favorite powder I have EVER used! It does not make your face look cakey, which I really hate, and my face literally stays matte all day without having to reapply makeup or use a brush. I really love this product and for the price, I will definitely be ordering it again!
Since I ordered the powder I was put on their email list and would receive emails about their sales and products. My next order was their 10 Piece Sculpt and Blend Brush Set, which I am completely in love with! I am not kidding, these brushes are even better than some high end brushes I have. When I first got them they had a weird smell so I washed them and used them the next day. My favorite part was that they retain the product I'm using on the brush without making a mess everywhere. I dont see my powder flying all over the room or on my chest, my eye shadow doesn't get on my cheeks or nose, the product goes where I am putting it. The best part is they do not shed!!!! All the brushes I have owned at one point or another have shed little bristles on me, I hate that. So yeah, so far I am really impressed with these products and I recommend trying them out before splurging on MAC, Lancome or any other high end stuff. I haven't tried everything, but if you do some research on youtube and pinterest, they have nothing but good reviews.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Newbie Needs

Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Swing 'N' RockerSince this is my 3rd baby I wanted to share the things that I have used with my boys that I could not do without. These are definitely my mommy must haves!
I love this Fisher Price 3 in 1 Swing because babies can grow with it not out of it! After babies can no longer swing they can use the chair as a rocking chair anywhere in the house! Abram loved this swing and would nap soundly in it anytime of day! Eli used it a little less, but his favorite was the bouncer.

Fisher-Price Bouncer - Luv U ZooEli absolutely loved this thing! They don't sell this one anymore, but you can find this one, Fisher Price Deluxe Bouncer, which looks to be pretty similar! I actually use this with my newbies before the swing because I can take this with me all over the house, while they're sleeping or just observing, and still get some work done and keep an eye on them. Once they are a bit older they reach for the pull string to lift themselves up, its so cute!

The First Years Breastflow MiPump DoubleI used this breast pump for both my boys. With Abram I only had the single pump one, but I spent way too much time on that thing! So when Eli came I went to buy the Double Pump and it worked just as well and got me through each session quicker. I am blessed to get an over flow of milk supply so exclusively nursing is out of the question for me. I pump and store so that when we go to church or to a quick shopping trip I can take a bottle or 2 with me.

Boppy - Sweet Pea Nursing Pillow with SlipcoverWhen I am home I reach for my handy dandy Boppy Pillow. When Abram was born I was clueless on what to do or how to do it! Nursing was so difficult at the hospital and honestly the nurses made it more difficult. The day I got released from the hospital and went home I sat on my bed, reached for my Boppy and Abram just latched on! I was the happiest mother in the world! I was comfortable and baby was comfortable. Seriously if you are going to nurse your baby you have to have this pillow!!

Summer Infant - Mother's Touch Deluxe Baby Bather, SubmarineI used this type of bath chair, Summer Infant Baby Bath Chair because it was easier for me to bathe them in the sink. Technically your not supposed to submerge the baby in water because of the umbilical cord stump. This chair helped to try and keep that area dry. I loved it and so did baby.

The rest of the basics are clothes like OnsiesCoverall pjsBottoms, and Terry Cuff Socks because for some reason these are the only kind that stayed on their feet. I bought so much clothes for Abram when he was a baby that he didn't need or just grew out of. I recommend not buying too much and skipping shoes, they just fall off anyways!
I also don't recommend buying a lot of diapers of the same brand. Both my boys had a reaction with all diapers except Pampers so I had to return or give away other brands we had purchased or been given. Same goes for wipes. I really had to watch the ingredients because those pretty smells kind did not agree with my boys' bumms. These always worked for both of them.
Hopefully this information is helpful for all you parents out there doing research on stuff to buy for your new little angels!



My Sister's Birthday

Today is my sister Gilda's birthday and shes out of town so I'm missing her a lot. We are 7 years apart, she's older, but we have always had loads of fun together. Our family has made complaints that we are too much to handle when we are together, we disagree. We are just the right amount of crazy and sane together! 

Gilda is one of those people who you meet and instantly like/love. She is beautiful, charming, graceful, funny, wise, and all around an awesome little lady! My kids can't live without her. When Abram was a baby he always wanted to be with her and when he got to an age where he could speak, his Friday night request would be to spend the night with Tia. I don't know how he knew it was Friday, but somehow he did. Eli always wants to go visit her as well. I must say even my husband likes being around her, and all that makes me real happy because I love being around her as well! 
As sisters we have had our little spats and we get mad at eachother, but I don't ever recall it lasting very long. We do talk almost everyday and if I haven't seen her in over a week I start to get antsy. I thank God she is my sister. Gilda is a great role model and I've always been able to come to her and get an honest answer for anything, even if I didn't like it. She is loyal and never the type to go behind your back or beat around the bush. I love her with all my heart and can't imagine life without my sister! 
So today I am thankful my sister was born and I pray she is blessed with many more years to come!!



Almost Family of 5

There are moment I can't believe how fast time flies. It honestly feels like just yesterday was our first time taking Abram to Disneyland on our first major family vacation! Time we spent with him seemed to go so slow at the time. He was such a good kid and we were sure we didn't want more. Abram was enough for us and we knew he always would be...... until...

Eli was born! He really completed our family. I had heard horror stories of people transitioning from 1 child to 2, but for us it seem to come so easy. Eli brought our family so much happiness and really made us all even closer! Luis and I yo yo'd back and forth on having a 3rd and there was days where I said, "Absolutely not, lets get rid of all this baby junk!"  We had a couple yard sales and did clear out some stuff. Eventually we did agree on a third! Of course it came with struggles to get there, but now we are anticipating his arrival. 

I am probably the main one who can't wait. Everyday I feel bigger and my body hurts more. I'm ready to meet this little booger! I'm so excited for whats to come and I cant wait to raise 3 boys. I can't wait for the non stop chaos and the loud noises. I know that might sound crazy, but when my boys are not around or its quiet, I feel like something is missing or something is off in my world! People ask if I'm sad I'm not getting my girl. I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't at first, but the more I pictured my life with 3 boys, the more I realized it just made more sense. Abram has nicknamed himself and Eli the "dangerous brothers" because I am constantly telling them whatever they are doing is too dangerous. A girl would just not fit in with the dangerous brothers, they would probably turn her into some sort of stunt prop! Poor girl.... So I am pleased to have the privilege to be the mother of yet another boy and I definitely can not wait to meet him! 

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