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Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Swing 'N' RockerSince this is my 3rd baby I wanted to share the things that I have used with my boys that I could not do without. These are definitely my mommy must haves!
I love this Fisher Price 3 in 1 Swing because babies can grow with it not out of it! After babies can no longer swing they can use the chair as a rocking chair anywhere in the house! Abram loved this swing and would nap soundly in it anytime of day! Eli used it a little less, but his favorite was the bouncer.

Fisher-Price Bouncer - Luv U ZooEli absolutely loved this thing! They don't sell this one anymore, but you can find this one, Fisher Price Deluxe Bouncer, which looks to be pretty similar! I actually use this with my newbies before the swing because I can take this with me all over the house, while they're sleeping or just observing, and still get some work done and keep an eye on them. Once they are a bit older they reach for the pull string to lift themselves up, its so cute!

The First Years Breastflow MiPump DoubleI used this breast pump for both my boys. With Abram I only had the single pump one, but I spent way too much time on that thing! So when Eli came I went to buy the Double Pump and it worked just as well and got me through each session quicker. I am blessed to get an over flow of milk supply so exclusively nursing is out of the question for me. I pump and store so that when we go to church or to a quick shopping trip I can take a bottle or 2 with me.

Boppy - Sweet Pea Nursing Pillow with SlipcoverWhen I am home I reach for my handy dandy Boppy Pillow. When Abram was born I was clueless on what to do or how to do it! Nursing was so difficult at the hospital and honestly the nurses made it more difficult. The day I got released from the hospital and went home I sat on my bed, reached for my Boppy and Abram just latched on! I was the happiest mother in the world! I was comfortable and baby was comfortable. Seriously if you are going to nurse your baby you have to have this pillow!!

Summer Infant - Mother's Touch Deluxe Baby Bather, SubmarineI used this type of bath chair, Summer Infant Baby Bath Chair because it was easier for me to bathe them in the sink. Technically your not supposed to submerge the baby in water because of the umbilical cord stump. This chair helped to try and keep that area dry. I loved it and so did baby.

The rest of the basics are clothes like OnsiesCoverall pjsBottoms, and Terry Cuff Socks because for some reason these are the only kind that stayed on their feet. I bought so much clothes for Abram when he was a baby that he didn't need or just grew out of. I recommend not buying too much and skipping shoes, they just fall off anyways!
I also don't recommend buying a lot of diapers of the same brand. Both my boys had a reaction with all diapers except Pampers so I had to return or give away other brands we had purchased or been given. Same goes for wipes. I really had to watch the ingredients because those pretty smells kind did not agree with my boys' bumms. These always worked for both of them.
Hopefully this information is helpful for all you parents out there doing research on stuff to buy for your new little angels!


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