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I've been wanting to do a post about the things I needed with Josiah that I didn't necessarily need with my other boys, being as Josiah is a  Clubfoot baby. 


Double Birthdays!

6 years ago today I became a mother. Abram was born 7 lbs 6 oz  and 18 1/2 inches long at 10:04 am, on Luis' birthday! It was the most exhilarating and life altering day I had ever had. I held Abram for the first time and all I saw was perfection. I cried, like most first time moms do, and I remember thinking I wanted to give him all my love, all my attention, and bombard him with cuddles and kisses! I wanted time to stop and just be in that moment of pure bliss. I know it sounds sappy, but it really was such a beautiful day. I was so glad to give Luis his first born as a gift to him on his birthday, which was totally unplanned by the way. We became parents of a wonderful boy that day and his life has been such a blessing to us.

Luis and Abram quickly developed a special bond. Abram was such a daddy's boy from the beginning, and no matter how tired Luis is he always finds the time to play with Abram everyday.

Silly faces

He grew up so fast!
Preschool graduation
First day of Kindergarten
First day as a 1st grader
 I love Abram so much, he made me a mother. He makes me laugh everyday and hates to see any of us sad or upset, he makes it his mission to make us happy. He tells me he loves me at least 10 times a day, more if he needs something, Haha! He is such a good big brother and always willing to help. He is so smart, I am so proud of the young man he is becoming and can't wait to see the man he will become -so far he says he wants to be a Veterinarian! My daily prayer is for him to love God above all things and I know his life will continue to be blessed.

As I mentioned today is also Luis' birthday! (Sorry I stole your pictures honey!)

Luis' 8th grade graduation
Luis' Air Force academy graduation
Luis' dispatch inauguration
The day he asked my parents to marry me (This was so unexpected!)

I am so blessed to be his wife. He is such a genuine person. He shows me he loves me daily and is so supportive of my dreams. We are always laughing and having a great time. He truly is my best friend. I am so proud of the man he has become and all the things he has accomplished in his life. He is so driven and I love that about him. He faces any problem or setback with such a positive attitude and always sees the silver lining. He is a wonderful role model for our boys and I couldn't ask for more. I know God has many more blessings in store for him and I am so glad to be there to witness them.

Happy Birthday to 2 of my favorite people in the world. You both show me daily what love is all about. I strive to be a better person for you two. I couldn't imagine this world without the two of you. You are both so special. I love you with all my heart!

Thanks for reading my sappy post! 


End of Summer SALE!!

As sad as it is to admit it, summer is coming to an end. The kids have been back in school for a few weeks now and the summer travels have subsided. However the sales have not!

Target is having an awesome BOGO 50% off SALE!! I love these because I get extra stuff Abram needs for school. That kid goes through clothes like crazy! Just last week he got a hole in a brand new shirt! SMH! So it's nice to find deals like this online without having to trample over the people running a muck at the store. Besides I don't get out much with all 3 kids right now!

Boys' Button Down Shirt w/ Tie
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Surya Three Best Friends Pillow
If you're expecting and your looking to start your baby's new nursery, be sure to check this SALE to save up to $100 in the Buy more Save more event! I got so many items on a sale like this when Josiah was born. I love this rug, inspired by the Dr. Seuss book!
Oh The Places You‘ll Go Canvas Map 18x24
For all the ladies out there who enjoy great deals on jeans their  BOGO 50% off women's jeans has been extended this week! These Jeans are so comfy!

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Don't miss out on this great sale, this week only. Have a happy Sunday everyone!!
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Random Pics

We have had such a busy and crazy schedule I wanted to share some random snaps of our crazy clan! 

Josiah cracks up in the mirror!

I love smooching my baby!

Chill time after a play date

Chewy was begging while I was cooking

Abrams first day as a 1st grader

Josiah loves his sponge baths

Jack wearing a polo! HAHA

He makes me swoon

Josiah fell asleep during tummy time

Brother play time, they can play legos all day!

Backyard baseball

Jack and Chewy spending some quality time

Grandma and Grandpa are crazy about him

Hope everyone has a great weekend making memories with family and friends. There is nothing more important than time spent with those you love!


We Found Chewy's Brother!

As hard at it is to believe, on my way out to a walk last week, I found Chewbacca's brother! I was locking the door and I hear Eli say, " Hi Chewy!" I immediately thought Chewy had got out and I didn't notice, but when I went to grab him his collar was missing. I went back in the house to look for Chewy and there he was, wearing his Tiffany blue collar, looking at me funny. I went back outside and knew that this had to be Chewy's brother. I checked him for fleas, being as Chewy had been covered in them, and sure enough, he was covered everywhere! I cancelled my walk and grabbed all the bath stuff I needed and started bathing Chewy's brother. His flea problem was about 10 times worse than Chewy's was, so much so that it took me 3 hours and a sun burn to get all the fleas dead and brushed off. I could not believe that the owner of these puppies, just did not care about taking the proper care of these little guys. I was so upset that this time I did not go out looking for the owner. If this person did not care enough about them to bathe them and get them flea treatment, they would not care that Chewy's brother was missing. My nephew had really taken a liking to Chewy so he decided to take him in and give him a good home. I was happy to see Chewy and his brother run around together, but Luis said there was no way we were going to have 3 dogs and 3 kids! Haha! He also said no more rescuing, but we shall see about that! I just have such a urge to help, I can't help it. I'm glad Chewy's brother stayed in the family so that they can get together often and still be able to grow up together. So now everyone tells me to find another one of Chewy's siblings to give to them. Haha. They really are cuties and very smart. My nephew decided to name him Teddy, which I think fits him great because he looks like a teddy bear to me! 
Hope everyone has a great start to their weekend.

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