It's been a week since we found this little guy wandering around our neighborhood. We were on our way out for a walk and he was just sitting under a tree. We looked around and there was no humans with him, haha, so I picked him up in fear he might get run over or get parvo. He looked like he was no more than 6 weeks old and my heart just couldn't live with the worry of him getting hurt, he was way too cute! The kids and I went knocking door to door in our neighborhood and the next block over, but nobody claimed him so we brought him back home. It felt like he had a little lump on his neck, which I thought was a microchip so Luis suggested taking him to the vet to find out. The vet was almost closing, but they did us the favor to scan him, but no microchip. They said the lumps were just bites from fleas and/or ticks! I felt so bad for the little guy, he had the lumps everywhere! We immediately went to Target to buy the stuff we needed for him- food, shampoo, toys, and carpet powder in case fleas had made their way on our rug. When we got home I bathed and brushed out the fleas and ticks with a fine comb. It took me a good hour and a half, but I was able to get them all out. The boys played with him and decided to name him Chewbacca- Chewy for short! He cried all  night the first 2 nights and between taking him out and Josiah waking up to eat, I hardly slept. Needless to say I was exhausted, but I couldn't help fall in love with Chewy, his little face just melted my heart. I don't know if it was because I rescued him or what, but I couldn't help feel such a connection to this hairy little thing! After a few days of not finding the owner, Luis officially decided we could keep him! Chewy learned pretty quickly he had to do his business outside, he learned his name, and he stopped crying at night. We took him to the vet to get his first parvo shot, deworming and nails clipped. The vet said he was probably a mix of Yorkie and Terrier but at his age it was hard to tell because they keep changing. He is doing awesome here and the boys absolutely love him, they can play all day! So now I have 2 babies at home and our house really is so much chaos, but if it wasn't I would have nothing to write about -so it's okay! Haha! Happy Saturday!


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