I am so excited for the changes coming to the blog. I have wanted to take this leap for quite some time now and I finally feel like the time has come to do it. 


Bathtime with Johnson's

Bathtime with my babies is such an important part of the day. Not only do we get all the dirt and food of their cute little hands and feet, but it's a time of relaxation and love. This is the time of day where I make funny faces to get them to laugh or make up songs about the part of their body I am scrubbing, they tend to find that funny.


Palette Love

In the last month I have gone a little palette crazy. I used my birthday money to buy one. I sold some stuff online to buy another and the other was a birthday gift from my sweetie. To put it lightly I'm a bit palette obsessed. But in all honesty look at these beauties! Who wouldn't be?


Fab Five for Friday

I am a die hard music freak! Whatever mood I am in, I need music to accompany it. So today I am bringing you my absolute favorite pick me up songs!


Best Lesson of my 20s

Two weeks ago I turned 30. In the months leading up to my birthday I felt overwhelmed thinking I hadn't accomplished some of my goals. I didn't look the way I hoped. I didn't have all my ducks in a row. I just wasn't where I hoped to be. Then I realized it didn't really matter. (I shared my realization reasonings here.)
 I am grateful for my 20's. I learned so much! I became a mother and a wife. I made amazing friends and memories. I feel very blessed for those years.

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