Bathing A Clubfoot Baby

When Josiah was in casts people used to ask me how I bathed him. As I looked through my pictures a few days ago I realized Luis had taken some shots of a bath back then! I got so happy thinking  I could finally share exactly how I bathed him.

It seems like so long ago that I used to do this! We are actually coming up on a year next month. Time flies and looking at these pictures really takes me back. That cute little face just melts me!

How I would do it was get him naked and sit him in this little mesh recliner.(Find it here) Making sure the recliner was always positioned securely on the sink counter and never leaving him alone. Once the baby is wet it's like a slip and slide! 
With a washcloth I would get his whole body wet but not soaked. I would then add soap to the washcloth and scrub him down. 

I would then rinse off the washcloth until there was no soap on it. I would go back over his skin wringing out the water from the washcloth on his body. Because the back of the chair is mesh the water just went through it and back into the sink.

I would be very cautious not to get the casts wet, but I would wipe off the tops of the thighs, always making sure to dry those parts first after the bath. I also cleaned between the toes with damp q tips, no soap, then go back over with the dry side of the q tip.

Once the body was done I quickly dampened his hair with water from my hand. I would then lather with a small amount of soap. To rinse off the soap Luis would hold his body wrapped up in his towel over the sink. I would fill a cup with water and rinse his hair making sure to wash off all the soap. At this age cradle cap is common so you want to avoid leaving soap. If nobody else was available to help hold the baby's body over the sink then I'd leave him in the chair and just continue rinsing off the soap with the washcloth time and time again until there was no soap left on his head. I highly recommend not trying to hold a wet baby's body over the sink on your own. They are so slippery you may drop them and nobody wants that!

And that's that! You have yourself a clean baby. It's not hard, but it does take some maneuvering around those casts. Sometimes I would leave the baby leggings on him as extra protection for the casts to stay dry.

Hope this helps! If you have any questions please feel free to comment below!


  1. This is such a helpful post, Dominique! Sadly, I don't think we have very many pictures from those early baths, my little guy wasn't too happy most of the those early baths, but maybe if we tried your technique with the bath seat it would've helped relax him. Josiah's sweet face just melts my heart and you have such a proud mama smile. :)

    1. I didn't think we had many, but so glad to have found a few. Josiah didn't like normal baths at first. The water startled him and was too much for his bare legs. I think he was just really used to the chair. Haha!

  2. He looks so sweet in these photos! I love it. Great to have these photographic memories.

  3. You are the best mama to your babies! I've never seen that mesh bathing chair and I really wish I had it for Fox when he was a little guy.

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