Tomorrow is the BIG day!!

With all the excitement from Thanksgiving to Christmas I have been delinquent on my update! First and Foremost Happy Holidays to everyone and all the best wishes for the New Year peaking around the corner. I had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas with my Husband and my beautiful boys! I am truly truly blessed! My pregnancy is going well so far and tomorrow we find out the sex of the baby! I can honestly say it has been such a long wait for us because with my boys we knew right away it seemed like, but this one has kept us guessing, the little stinker! Im so excited I probably wont sleep tonight!

Heres one of our beautiful memories made this season!!

Valuable life lesson

My grandmother passed away on Wednesday morning. I personally did not have a really close relationship with her, although I saw her every Sunday at church. My father never really took us over to visit her and she never came to visit us. Somehow as life went by and I grew older I never felt that need to see her more or get to know her better. Now that she is gone I miss her dearly. I remember how she spoke, how she praised at church, I remember how she looked when she was confused, and it makes me miss her. I know and believe she is in a better place being as she served God most of her life. Still that void is still there. That desire to turn back time and make more of an effort. I went to see her a couple of times before she passed, when I heard she was sick. She told me she love me and always had, and to keep my faith in God and to raise my children with the same faith.
As I saw her body being lowered under ground today and saw all my family surrounding, I could only think how making memories with family and the ones we love is the most important thing to do in life. It is not fair that once they pass- one sits there regretting the coulda, woulda, shouldas. The time is now, today, to tell the ones we love that we indeed love them and that spending quality time with them is so important.
I look at my family with different eyes today. This is the first time someone in my family or even dear to me passes. I know I will experience these feelings again in my life- as people pass away. But the most important lesson it has taught me is that, tomorrow is never promised so why save for tomorrow what you can do today?....
My advice to anyone is to make the time to pick up the phone and make that call to your loved one. Make that long drive to visit family. Those precious moment are so valuable when the time comes to say goodbye. Love today, don't wait for tomorrow.

Things Happen

After the heartbreak of going through a miscarriage we decided to stop trying and just be happy with the beautiful boys God gave us. Well God surprised us and I got pregnant again right after the miscarriage! I guess its true that when you stop trying it just happens. I will admit when I found out I was a bit upset because we had already wrapped our minds around only having 2, but today I go in for an ultrasound and I am beyond excited! Life really does throw surprises at you and all you can do is roll with it. Im hoping for a girl, but at this point after going through so much the last couple months all I really want is a healthy baby. I thank God for all the blessing in my life, I just couldn't be happier!!


Always in my heart

My husband and I have been trying to conceive our third and final baby for the last 3 months. We knew we wanted 1 more and I figured I might as well get it done and over with now before I get used to not changing diapers, or having the boys get older and having nothing in common with the baby.  Well I finally got a positive test on Tuesday and we were over the moon excited. I wanted the baby to be born toward the beginning of the year because my boys were toward the end of the year. The babys due date was April 2, 2015, however since my boys were both emergency c-sections I would have had to undergo another, so most likely the baby would have been born end of March. For our family March was perfect, nobody at all on either sides of the family was born in March. The feeling of knowing you are nurturing another human being inside of you is one of the best feelings in the world! Of course we were hoping for a girl to join this crazy family of boys. With 2 boys, my husband, and even my dog being a male I was definitely outnumbered in the house, not too mention misunderstood once a month! My boys were both surprise presents from God, so this one we put more effort into planning. Sadly on Thursday night, just 2 nights after the bliss, I began miscarrying our precious baby. I prayed that night in hopes that God would let this angel survive. Friday morning I woke up to the anguish of knowing that something was seriously wrong. My OB fit me in right away and luckily my husband was able to leave work. After an exam the confirmation was made that in fact I was having a miscarriage and she sent me to the ER right away. Fear took over my body like never before. I wondered what could have caused this, what I did wrong, what I could do to make it stop. I cried so much laying in that hospital bed, knowing that my life would never be the same. After 6 hours in the hospital, blood tests, ultrasounds, and urine tests all confirmed the horrid truth that my body had released my precious baby. As I heard the doctor talking I went numb. How could this be that all my trying, all the planning, all the praying, could just all been in vain? I felt sadness and anger all in one. I wanted to roll into a ball and stay under the blankets and sleep the pain away. My husband hugged me and I felt so small. I saw the pain in his eyes and felt like I let him down. My one job was to give this being a safe home for 9 months and I couldn't even do that! I sat in silence the whole 40 min home. Getting home felt wrong, like I was supposed to have good news for my kids, instead they must have felt my sadness because they ran to hug me and I embrace them like it was the first time. The rest of the evening felt like a fog and at night I layed in bed just wondering who this child could have been? What could have this child accomplished? And did this angel know how wanted he or she was? I cried myself to sleep with a huge ache in my heart.
This morning I woke up and remembered, and the ache in my heart was still there. I heard Eli calling me and immediately got up. I went about my morning routine and as I sat drinking my coffee my mother called. I told her what happened and she said how sorry she was, but that god knew why everything happened and that he would comfort my soul. After speaking to her I realized she was right.I did want this baby, but I wanted it at my time and I wanted the baby to be a girl. I realized how selfish I was being. I felt so ashamed. You see God gives us what he feels we need when he feels we need it. It doesn't make the pain any less, but it eases my mind knowing the third baby will come, but when God feels we are ready. I will always love this baby and wonder what it would have felt like to hold him or her, but I know that this angel will always live on, in my heart. And today I love my boys more knowing that god was gracious enough to bless us with 2 precious gifts and for now that has to be enough for me.


My miracle worker

I have had real bad acne since having my second son. I'm talking 16 year old teenage girl acne that is so embarrassing you want to hide under your blankets until your beautiful again! Honestly I've tried so many different products and spent so much money that it makes me dizzy just counting. Nothing seemed to work long term and I became so frustrated with my face to the point of tears. Well recently I had given up on all the chemical stuff out there and decided to go all natural. I had read up on honey and lemon being the saving grace for some people so I tried it. Let me tell you, my skin never felt so soft  and refreshed before and I was hooked! Along with that I started using Vitamin E (pure d-Alpha) capsules, now there is also the dl-Alpha which is not the real deal, that one has extra ingredients. Lastly Rosehip Seed Oil, again the 100% all natural kind. This little routine has helped so much I can say after 1 week I am free of pimples!!!! (clapping in the background) Now I wont tell you I don't have the scarring from the old pimples but they are seriously less noticeable. I am so happy to wake up in the morning and not see a cluster of painful bumps on my forehead, cheeks or chin. I just had to share this experience because I've never seen something work faster than this.

So here is my routine:
1. I put about a teaspoon of raw & unfiltered Wild Sage Honey in my palm with about 4 drops of a real lemon. I rub that all over my face rubbing the most on the areas that I get the most acne. I leave that on my face for anywhere between 10-15 minutes, then just wash it off with warm water still rubbing the most damaged parts of my face.  Here is a link to the Honey I use:  Wild Sage Honey

2.With a needle I pierce the Vitamin E capsules and squeeze about a pea size amount on my fingertips and rub all over my face, eyelids and under eyes, and neck (vitamin E is also known to be good for wrinkles). I use: Natures Bounty Vitamin E

3. 100% Pure Rosehip Seed Oil smells a bit nasty at first but the smell goes away in seconds. 3-4 drops on my fingertips and again just rub all over my face and neck. I use: Insta Natural 100% Pure Rosehip Seed Oil 

Now everyones face is different and I don't guarantee this will work for everybody, but it really has been my saving grace. Let me know if you try it and how it works out for you!

Have a Beauty filled Day!!

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