Speaking from the Heart

I recently experienced the first loss of someone I felt a strong attachment to. In fact it was 2 weeks ago today that the man who helped raise me and I saw as my second father, passed away. I have not taken to it very well and in fact I can't think about him without crying still. I had a chance to see him at the hospital to let him know how much I loved him, but still there is so much more I wish I could have said.


When Raising All Boys

Congratulations! You are the mother of multiple boys! Aren't they just perfect. (Staring off into space) Their eyes just melt you. Their touch so sticky yet so incredibly loving. Oh and those hugs- just before they go off to save the world from some evil villain who has set out to destroy the backyard, those are by far the best hugs you could ever receive. You my friend are the coveted... BOYMOM!

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone I'm back! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. I know it's been quite sometime since my last post. I truly am sorry. I just really felt the need to take a break from the blog and social media to just enjoy my family and loved ones. Sometimes I need to unplug and appreciate the little things. I rarely took out my camera, which I have to admit I later kicked myself for, but we did make beautiful memories. Luckily my husband managed to take a few snaps here and there.

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