When Raising All Boys

Congratulations! You are the mother of multiple boys! Aren't they just perfect. (Staring off into space) Their eyes just melt you. Their touch so sticky yet so incredibly loving. Oh and those hugs- just before they go off to save the world from some evil villain who has set out to destroy the backyard, those are by far the best hugs you could ever receive. You my friend are the coveted... BOYMOM!

I would be lying if I told you that at some point before my boys were born I didn't picture myself playing tea party or washing tutus by hand or even playing barbies all over again because I did! I pictured it with every single pregnancy. I love being a girl and although I could be a bit of a tomboy at times, I am most certainly a girl's girl. 

The reality is I live in a house full of boys, men, males. My husband, 3 boys, and 2 male dogs. If you counted that's 6 males and me... 1 beautiful Queen! Hahaha. Well before you start feeling sorry for me, guess what, I love it! I don't have to share my clothes or my makeup, my hair will never get tangled in a brush, and once a month for 7 days I get to be moody, eat all the junk food I want and watch romantic movies all by myself! That's life. 

Okay boymoms I'm here to give you the raw truth and facts about being a mom to all boys and you know something, it's really not that bad.

- You get woken up to lots of love. In my case my boys are the sweetest when they first wake up. This is when they love to cuddle. They have fresh brain. Nobody has taken anyones toys yet. Legos haven't been stepped on yet. They may be hungry, but not cranky yet.

- Speaking of hunger. They eat ALL DAY!! Breakfast x2, snack before Lunch. Lunch x2. Snack before Dinner. Dinner x2. Snack before bed. That's every day. I figure it's because they are growing and running around all day get's you hungry. I really don't know, but apparently all boys eat all day.

-  Boys need to burn off energy. They need to run around, play outside, jump on things, jump OFF of things, need I say more. You can't ask a boy to just sit down ALL day and stop jumping around. It's in their nature. They are kids! They are curious, adventurous, athletic, yes they will tire out and sit still for a little while, but they will be back at it again. This is normal for boys. Honestly I would be worried if my kid sat all day and did nothing. My advice, let them be kids.

- Obviously with all the running around and playing boys do all day the house will get messy. I used to be a neat freak. Ask all my friends and family. I had a problem with having my house visibly dirty or messy. I had to clean. All day. Then I realized that no matter how much I try the house is still going to get messy because people live here. Kids live here. Plus I was wasting time cleaning and missing out on valuable playtime. Now, we pick up at the end of the day. Of course throughout the day we try to pick up after ourselves. I teach the kids the basics, but if something gets missed that's okay too.

- Let them be themselves or Spiderman. One time Eli introduced himself as Flash to some parents and kids at the park. I rolled with it. I feel that it's not harming anyone for my son to have an elaborate imagination so why shoot it down. Most people love when kids are imaginative and creative. Let them think outside the box. I figure by the time he's 6 he will be Eli again.

- Boys stink! I can bathe my kids every day and they still smell sweaty. No joke. With all the running and playing they do, of course they get a little stinky. I stopped bathing daily though. They get really dry skin when I do and eczema just hurts. So now I go every other day and do wipey baths at the end of the day, mainly just cracks and crevices. They wash their hands a lot throughout the day as well so not a full on momfail!

The truth is being a boymom is a blessing! You get to raise boys into men. You get to watch these boys turn into leaders one day maybe of a class, of a career, of a congregation or possibly of the Country. My oldest is only 7 so I am in no means an expert or anything of the sort. I'm still learning myself. But so far my boys are great and people compliment me about them a lot. And it's okay to be proud of your kids. I am very proud of my boys. My husband is a great role model for them and I do my best to give them my all being a stay at home mom. My best advice is to love your kids so much. Love them more than your phone or your tablet. Listen to them. Dont just listen to the words they say and follow it with a "aha" but, actually listen to what they have to say. Kids can amaze you. And encourage them. Tell them they can achieve any goal no matter how unattainable it might seem. Your kid just might be that one to attain it. 

So boymoms what's a piece of advice you have? Let me know in the comments below! Hope you had a little laugh. Thanks for reading.


  1. These are great! 2/3 of mine are boys and I'm still so amazed with the differences, since my oldest is a girl. I feel like I'm catching up every day on how to parent them!

    1. Yes! Catching up with them is tough. Haha! Thanks so much for stopping by Monica.

  2. It is a blessing! I love this post! We do get the best snuggles in the morning, they do eat all day, and they do play hard! But just like you, I love every bit of being a boy mom.


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