My Clubfoot Baby

He has been teething like crazy! So one minute he is happy as can be and the next he gets very upset.

He will only eat food from pouches and refuses to be spoon fed.

He wakes up at odd hours of the night and wants to talk and stay awake!

Loves being in my arms ALL day.

Likes watching his big brother at basketball practice.

There are those little teeth!

Likes Mickey Mouse and Baby Einsteins. 

Enjoys going for walks on sunny days in his Beco Gemini.

Sometimes wants to eat our puppy Chewbacca.

Sleeps in the cutest positions!!

Absolutely loves jumping around!!!

Loves his grandpa <3

Enjoys the occasional selfie.

Speaks his mind and then passes out!

Having clubfoot has not changed the fact that he is a normal baby. I love him to death, yet there are days he drives me crazy! However, I remember my other boys doing the same at his age. At 8 months he has reached all the "so called" milestones he is supposed to reach at this age. ( I say "so called" because I believe every baby grows and develops at his/her own pace.) He turns 9 months on the 10th and he will be going to part time wear of his boots. 
For all you parents out there who are starting off with a clubfoot baby or are pregnant and just found out you will be having a clubfoot baby, do not be discouraged by this diagnosis. Your baby will strive and surprise you daily. Your baby will be a normal happy, sometimes fussy baby. Your baby will show society how great he or she is. Your baby will impress you with their resilience. Your baby will be a baby, just like any other baby, except with special and extra beautiful feet! 
A clubfoot parent is a special parent who God chose to raise this beautiful baby. Who finds strength they didn't know they had. Who loves their child unconditionally. Who lives proud knowing their child is an overcomer. Who wakes up each morning ready to take on the day and goes to sleep every night proud of each accomplishment. Never doubt that you can handle what is ahead. Keep calm and clubfoot on!!


  1. What a little cutie! I especially love the picture with grandpa.

  2. I smiled when I read your note at the end. (Well, I smiled throughout. He's such a cute kid!!) I was born with clubfoot and people are always surprised when I mention it. Like you said, clubfoot babies just have special feet.

    1. I'm so glad it brought a smile to your face. Josiah has been such a blessing. I'm sure your parents felt the same about you. Thanks for reading Crystal!!

  3. What a sweet post. Yes, every baby develops at their own pace. I love he and Chewbacca :)

    1. Haha they are hilarious together! Thanks for reading LaVonne!!

  4. He is a beautiful baby!!! My youngest dude has Down syndrome and he has such a special place in my heart. I have never seen a child who works as hard as he does to reach his milestones!

    1. Lately they call down syndrome "Up syndrome!" I'm sure he is the most precious boy. I'm sure you love him to pieces, he is lucky to have you as a mother!xo

  5. What a cutie!! He's lucky to have a mommy like you!

  6. He is so so cute!! And obviously very loved :)

  7. Thanks dominic for the encouraging post. My son noah was born with right clubfoot last aug 30 2016. He is now being checked by orthopedic dr.and may be undergoing a series of casting...:( thinking about it just broke my heart. The ortho also ask us to find a shoe and dobbs barbto be used after the casting. However ponseti method is rarely used in our country and fnding the shoe and bar is not easy. May i ask if there is anyone here who have dobbs bar that is no longer use... can we borrow one for our son. We are having a hard time finding a dobbs bar here in the philippines.... someone already lend us a shoe but the bar is no longer available. and we are desperate to find one... noah is 3 mos old. If there is anyone who can help us kindly email me at Thank you...


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