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Around Christmas time I ran out of my old moisturizer and the Sephora I happen to stop at did not have a large one in stock. Although I was distraught I figured with all the gift sets they had at the time I was bound to find a good deal on something different to try.

 I had been using Origins Night A Mins for a while and I loved it! I saw a set that included that, my favorite eye cream, an anti aging serum and the GinZing moisturizer. I immediately hopped on that one being as I already used 2 of the 4 products in the box.


Celebration Day


Happy 1st Birthday Josiah

May 2015
The day my Clubfoot Cutie was born!


Are You Giving Advice or Mom Shaming?

We all have that person we can talk to about anything and everything. That one you call when you have a little drama or just need to vent with. We call those people our friends, besties, or better yet family. We trust those "besties" to keep our secrets, lend an ear, cry with us, and grovel in our self pity- if need be. We know this person will always be there for us and we count on them for it. Especially when becoming a mother!

 You don't know why your baby has been crying for 4 hours, so you call this person for answers. You can't remember how the recipe for playdough goes, so you call this person to check if it's tartar sauce or cream of tartar. You're mad at your husband for not putting the seat down for the hundredth time so you call this person to vent on how you fell in! They are always willing to give advice, talk you off the ledge, and make sense out of the situation for you. But what happens when their "advice" feels more like mom shaming? 

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