7 Gifts For The Clubfoot Cutie

Some might think shopping for a clubfoot baby is a bit tough, so I have come up with this list of goodies to help you out.

1.Peek A Boo Covers is a custom handmade bar cover that any clubfoot baby would be happy to receive. The cover is padded so it protects the bar from getting caught on things and helps babies and parents not to be hurt by the bar.
2.Baby Leggings are great little sock like legging that protect during the casting stage. We used them everyday with Josiah during the casting period and even now instead of fussing with pants.
3. Peek A Boo Covers also makes these awesome boot covers. I love how easily they can just snap over the boots to keep the cold out during the winter. Definitely a great gift for any boot wearing babe.
4.Carter's Sleepsuits are the best during the casting and boot stage of a clubfoot baby. They make the best pjs and loungewear for Josiah and right now that it's cold they are my go to!
5.Beco Baby Carrier is the best for any clubfoot baby that likes to be worn. I won't go anywhere without mine. The base adjusts perfect to accommodate the baby's legs with boots or casts on. 
6.Fisher Price Jumperoo is awesome for babies to stretch their feet when out of the boots. Josiah loves his jumperoo and I love to watch him plant his little feet and jump up proud. He uses it on his hour free time and I think it has really helped strengthen his feet and leg muscles. (Please be sure to check with baby's Dr. for an okay to use this item.)
7.Carter's Jumpsuit is the easiest to put on a clubfoot baby during the casting and boot stage if you are going out. The sleepsuits are really great for sleeping, but you can't use them to go out because they can't spread the legs during carseat time. So if you want a cute outfit, make sure to pick up some of these! I like these too.

Hope this helps if you're shopping for a clubfoot baby this Christmas. For more ideas read here. Most of these things Josiah has so I know they are useful and any parent would be thrilled to receive for their cutie! If you have any questions feel free to comment below!

Happy Shopping


  1. Thanks for featuring my PeekabooCovers store.
    Very cute ideas.

    1. You're very welcome! Anytime something is clubfoot related and makes clubfoot parent's lives easier. I am all over it!


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