Christmas Card Pictures

A few days ago I decided to throw on the boy's matching Christmas pjs and do a little photo shoot! Little did I know being an actual photographer is so stinkin hard! I got a few good shots, but they were so squirmy and tired that I couldn't get them to live out the pictures I had in my head. Haha

We have a photographer who normally takes our pictures and she is so awesome, but this year I contacted her a whole month too late! I don't know what I was thinking. Needless to say with such little time left until Christmas cards needing to be out, I just thought, " Hey it seems easy enough, I'll just take them myself!"
Yeah, I'll probably never do that again. 

I managed to get a few okay shots. I wanted to get a good picture of Josiah's feet and how great they look, but that was a complete fail.

Looking back I am cracking up, but at the moment I was so frustrated and sweating bullets. Photography is definitely not my forte!

I stuck my foot in this top right hand corner! Haha!!

Pjs: Carter's 
So there you have the full peek into my horrendous photo skills. I guess some moms can't be good at everything! Have a wonderful weekend!!
Happy Holidays!!


  1. Your little guys are adorable

    Wishing you happy holidays x

    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin'

    1. Happy holidays to you Stefanie! Thank you for checking out my post. xo

  2. That made me laugh because I have done the same thing before! Your photos aren't that bad, but I have certainly come to realise how talented photographers are. We tried to take some new born photos of Thomas... Alright fail! The boys are looking gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Lana! I am glad I'm not alone. Yes, photographers really are awesome. From now on I need to book way in advance!

  3. I think they really turned out great! I definitely know how tricky it can be and I just have two babes! I have to say I love the way the photo of the socked feet turned out and I love the one where there are laying on their bellies looking at the decorations. WTG!

    1. Haha thanks! I had so many other poses in my head, but they just would not live them out! Oh well, there is always next year!


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