Christmas Shopping for Kids

I am so excited that we are finally in December! I love this time of year, probably because the kids get so excited about the decorations and lights and of course the presents! One of the perks about being a parent is getting to be a kid again yourself. 

We still haven't finished decorating the house, we have been so busy with other things, but I am determined to finish today. 
If you are anything like Luis and I, we can never decide how many presents or what to give the boys. One thing I try to remind them is that the holidays are not about gifts, but about family and of course Jesus' birth.
 So a few years back Luis and I decided to go with a big gift, a small gift and a book for each child.  For example: a bike as a big gift (on sale $50), a lego set under $20 as a small gift and a book of something he is into such as Ninja Turtles. We also do stocking stuffers like candy and pencils maybe action figures or hot wheels. We try to keep each child at no more than $100. We are trying to instill the value of the holiday in our children and have them appreciate each gift being as there are some children around the world who get nothing because parents have no means for a gift. I would hate to raise over privileged children knowing that in the future it could come back and bite be in the behind. At such a young age it is important to remind them to appreciate family and friends. To appreciate a roof over their head in this cold weather.  To appreciate a warm meal on the table each day. We pray for those less fortunate every night before bed and thank God for our blessings. 
This month try to make it a point to  share with your child the real meaning of the season and how much love and appreciation should be shared during the holidays.
Have a beautiful and blessed holiday season!

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