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I don't think I have mentioned that Abram began basketball last month. He loves it! He says he wants to try every sport and see which one he likes the most. He's done soccer and t-ball and now basketball. I normally hate basketball I can never get into the games on tv, but watching the kids play is a whole other ball game- pun intended. Kids are just the cutest playing any sport really. The way they run back and forth, try to keep the ball the whole time and forget to pass it, the way they get so easily distracted and after a while of running around they just get bored. Haha it's hilarious.
These are pictures of Abram's first game. It was so unexpected and they let us know just 2 days before, leaving us no time to find him basketball shorts. To top it off that morning I didn't remember he even had a game until 30 min prior! I literally took a pair of sweatpants that morning, and cut the legs to them! I was so embarassed, but a moms gotta do what a moms gotta do! Needless to say we bought him shorts the following week.
With Luis' schedule being so crazy I end up taking him to practice on my own with Eli and Josiah in tow, which is not easy, but somehow we manage. This house is total chaos lately with practice twice a week and games on Saturday. It really takes a toll on me when I have to handle that plus everything else in this household, but watching how excited he gets is so worth it. I am so glad he loves sports. We shall see which he likes the best, once he has tried each sport. 
Eli cannot wait to play! During t-ball season he would get mad if they didn't let him at least put on a helmet and swing the bat a few times. I know he is going to be so into sports as well. With Josiah we know we will definitely be doing sports as it is highly recommended for his clubfoot. 
What really gets me is how I used to be such a huge girly girl, and in part I still am. But never in a million years would I have thought I would've traded my dolls for balls! (insert hysterically laughing emoji)! Sorry if that sounds bad. But really, I am so devoted to making my boys so happy and if that means watching sports games, than I must be a boy mom! I wouldn't change a thing. 


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