Kids Probiotic

Eli has a pretty weak immune system and I never understood why. I nursed him until he was 1 year old, he eats fruits and veggies, he is active and gets enough time outside in the sun. I would get so frustrated because he was getting sick at least once a month. The pediatrician had put him on medicine for asthma and allergies and he still would still get sick. Every night between 11pm and midnight Eli would wake up with excessive coughing, throughout the day he had a runny nose or would start coughing after running around for a bit, and he was only 2 and already had ear infections 3x! He would get better and we would put away the humidifier and a week later we would have to get it back out! I was at my wits end once Josiah came and Eli got him sick twice, landing Josiah back in the hospital with pneumonia at 3 weeks old. I went online and started trying to figure out what to do since the meds Eli had been prescribed were- clearly- not working. I read up on how antibiotics could actually be the culprit to the reason he was always sick. He had been on antibiotics a few times and while they do kill the bad bacteria, they also killed the good one. Probiotics are  strains of good bacteria and could help boost kids immune system, regulate their digestive system and for some even help with diaper rash. I figured I would give it a try with nothing to lose, but hopefully gaining my son's health back. 
I am very happy to report that after 1 full month Eli is so much better! He hasn't woken up coughing since the day I started the probiotic. He has not had a runny nose, and when he runs around outside he has no coughing side effect! I am so amazed that I literally recommend probiotics to all kids!! I discontinued Eli's other meds the same day I started the probiotic, since they had not been working anyway. I was able to find this probiotic at a local health food store, Lassens, but they also have it on amazon here. If you have a child who is constantly getting sick for no apparent reason I highly recommend trying probiotics. Theres nothing better than knowing you have a healthy kid again, happy baby = happy momma!!
Wishing everyone a happy and healthy day!!


Paleo Update

I wanted to give a quick update on how well Paleo is going both for Josiah and myself! It has been 8 days and despite the sleepless nights with Josiah and a new puppy -tune in for the next post about this little guy- I am having so much more energy! I have already lost 7 lbs and am not feeling starved or weak. I feel healthy, its great! We have also been going for walks, sometimes twice a day. Josiah has been better as well. He is not gassy or colicy and his stools have turned back to a normal yellow. It's hard sometimes to fight the cravings, but I remember how well I feel and how well my baby is doing, and it keeps me going. I just wanted to encourage any of you who are trying to eat right or get fit. It really can be done as long as you set your mind to it and stay motivated. There's nothing better than feeling healthy and feeling good about yourself! I still have about 20 lbs to go until my goal weight, where I've been before and felt good about about myself, but it's awesome knowing my hard work is paying off!! If you are in my shoes, just keep at it, don't give up and you will definitely get there!!


My Makeup Must Haves

I want to share some of my makeup must haves, the make up I really can't do without. I don't do my makeup every day because I believe your skin needs room to breathe-and I don't always have the time- to be completely honest.  However when I do decide to beautify myself, these really are my go tos.

 I love my husband for buying me the very first Urban Decay Naked Palette. He knew I had been eying it for a while, so for our anniversary one year that was my gift. It has beautiful warm shades that can be used for everyday make up or to spice up a special occasion. The Naked 2 Palette was Luis' Christmas gift to me one year. This palette has more metallic neutral and gray tones, but still can be for everyday use. Now the Naked 3 Palette is more rosey shades, still very beautiful, but a tad bit more shimmery and glimmery. I seriously can't wait to try the Naked Smokey Palette, I hope Luis keeps up the tradition and I see this as a gift soon- maybe for making dinner, since Christmas is still far off! All 3 of these palettes are beautiful and even though I have so many other  eyeshadows, I always end up wearing a shade off one of these three. Underneath my eyeshadow I use Urban Decay Primer Potion, it holds the eyeshadow in place all day, no smears. I buy the travel size and it lasts me a few months because I don't even have to use a lot for it to work!

I use Revlon Colorstay as my foundation of choice because I tend to have breakouts here and there, and this foundation is oil free so my face won't look all oily mid day. I also love the fact that it does STAY on my face as opposed to others I've used that rub off when I touch my face. 

For powder I absolutely love love love my  Bh Cosmetics Matte Finish Pressed Powder, I have bragged about it before, this stuff is awesome! I have used Mac's Pro pressed powder before and this stuff is pretty much the same thing for so much cheaper. It leaves a flawless look to your face that almost makes you look airbrushed, I love it! Bh Cosmetics is such an awesome line that I am constantly recommending to my friends because they have great  quality products for- sometimes even cheaper than the store bought make up brands. I also use their Sculpt and Blend Brushes, which again I  love love love! Seriously after I discovered these brushes I was so mad that I spent so much money on so called brand named brushes in the past. These brushes evenly spread the make up on my face without the makeup dust flying all over the room or on my clothes. They never shed, not even when I wash them! I hate brushes that leave hair all over you. They really are great quality. I even have a backup set just in case I lose one.

 Bare Minerals Mineral Veil is what I use as illuminator for under my eyes or if I am contouring. I like how easily blendable it is. 
My niece got me hooked on L'oreal Telescopic Mascara, I love the way it lengthens and bolds my lashes. I have tried so many before, and even a few after discovering this mascara and none do the job for me quite like this one. 

Now for blush and lipstick I always end up falling weak for a Mac shade. I have used their blush since the first time I wore makeup and I've never liked anything else, and as for lipsticks I just really love their shades! 

The last thing I use on my face to set all the makeup I have applied is Elf High Definition Powder. I actually recently started using this product during my pregnancy. I used to use the Mac setting spray, but I hated how wet my skin got so I opted to try this powder one day browsing the Target cosmetics isles. I figured for $6 it wouldn't hurt to try, plus it got great reviews online. It's a translucent powder so it sets your makeup without any extra shade. 

So there you have it- all my go to products in a quick summary. If you have any questions comment below and I'd be happy to go into more details or you.


Baby Leggings

I ordered baby leggings for Josiah before he was born and before I knew he would have clubfoot. I saw them online and thought they were just the cutest ever! Well I'm glad I did. Baby Leggings make his casts look stylish instead of just the rugged cast look. They also make diaper changes so much easier. I had gotten pants one size up to put on him during castings, but they always were so hard to take off, so we stopped using pants. I absolutely love baby leggings! I get so many compliments on them and the cute prints, people can't even tell Josiah is wearing casts! Baby Leggings are a stylish staple for all babies and a must buy for all clubfoot mammas. Click the link on my page to get a special promo for similar baby leggings.

We had a great time this weekend with my in laws! The kids played the whole time! We always have such a blast, I really hate to see them leave. Eli was crying and asking were his grandpa was after they left, it broke my heart. We are planning to make a trip to visit them within the next month. I love road trips so I can't wait!
Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!


Starting the Day

I love morning walks! We take off right after breakfast and can still even catch some of the morning dew in the air. It really starts our day on the right foot. Haha, pun intended. We live right near the riverbed and have a bit of a scenic route during our walk. The boys really love it, in fact Eli didn't even want to come home! Josiah doesn't really like strollers so I recently bought a Solly Baby Wrap and he absolutely loves it! It takes him about 5 min and he knocks out for the whole walk and even while the kids play at the park. I've always wanted one, but the other boys never really liked being worn for too long. I did some research and read that it's ergonomically better to wear babies instead of having them in car seats or strollers for long periods of time. Eventually Josiah will grow out of the wrap and I really want to buy the  Beco Gemini, I'm obsessed! The upside of the Beco is he can wear it once he gets into the boots and bar and even long after. We love being outdoors so this is definitely a must buy some time soon, but for now the Solly is suiting just fine.
My father in law and his family are coming today and I am so excited! They live about 6 hours away so its a tough drive with the kids. I love when they come though, we really have so much fun. My father in law is so funny, he has me laughing the whole time he's here with his stories and jokes. Luis is the same way, not a day goes by when he doesn't make me laugh. So I'm looking forward to all the laughs and the family fun. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!! 


Backyard Fun

We have a very large backyard and the boys could literally be out there all day long! When we bought the house the backyard was actually nothing buy decomposed granite which is pretty much hard dirt. I hated it, we were about to have Abram and I couldn't picture playing outside in that dirt, but Luis promised we would get grass put in by the time he was old enough to play. Well by Abrams 5th birthday we finally got it done! I'm so happy with the was it turned out. It's been a year now and we are in the backyard almost daily! The boys love playing baseball with us and Abram always makes up these silly rules even though he knows the real ones. Haha. Eli still needs help making contact with the ball so Luis always has to help him. Oh and he starts the day off with pants, but we've been potty training for almost 6 months now and I've come to the conclusion that he's just lazy! If he's playing he's not going to use the potty unless it's for #2. So by this time of the day he's gone through 2 sets of clothes I usually give up and just let him run around in underwear.  Laundry gets done a lot at my house! So if anyone has any suggestions how to get him to stop being lazy please share! 


Family Matters

I just had a birthday in June and for some reason 29 was not a big deal to me, it's just a year away from 30, but I feel old. Birthdays are definitely not as much of a big deal like they are when you're a kid. Luis asked me what I wanted for my birthday and as cliche as it sounds, I told him I already had everything I wanted. With age comes wisdom and I am wise enough to know family is all that matters. 
Lately there has been health issues in our family and family friends which makes me appreciate my family even more! Despite my hectic schedule with the kids, weekly Doctor's appointments, sleepless nights, and maintaining my home, I make time to thank God for what he has blessed me with.

 My parents are only getting older so it's great when they come over or I get to enjoy some time with them. My big brother Mike dropped by a few days ago and it was such a fun visit, and I try to get together with my sister as often as I can because we always have a blast! For 4th of july weekend my husband's mom and brother came to visit  and we really enjoyed their company. 

Every day my husband takes the time to play with the boys and be rambunctious, which they love, and every night I do reading time with them. These are the things that matter to me. These are the things I am most grateful for now that I am 29. I hope that when my kids are older and look back they have all these fun memories of their childhood and those memories include family. 

So today take the time to count your blessings and really appreciate those around you. Tell those you love that you love them and show them as well. Plan a family gathering or make a phone call to those you love. Tomorrow is never promised, but while we are here take the opportunity to make fond memories and believe me it makes your life a peaceful ride.
Have a great day!!

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