The Paleo Way

I started eating the Paleo way before getting pregnant with Eli. I loved it. It was not an easy way of eating in the beginning because my body took a little while to adjust, but after training my stomach and mind, it was the best way I had ever eaten.
Paleo is basically eating the foods our ancestors ate thousands of years ago. The foods that were available to hunters and gatherers such as meat, fish, nuts, seeds fruits and vegetables. Over time people and technology have developed new forms of food such as grains, dairy and processed foods which are not easy on our digestive system. Paleo is a diet that provides our body with healthy fats that give us energy and our bodies digest more efficiently. This diet avoids all grains, legumes, dairy, processed foods, alcohol and starches.
When I was on this diet I felt great! I had so much energy. I could go on walks or jogs with Luis and Abram and come back feeling energized not tired or lazy. It helped me drop 25 lbs the healthy without feeling starved. It was awesome. Unfortunately when I got pregnant I ended up cheating a few times, I blame it on pregnancy cravings! So since then I had been gradually reverting back to old eating habits, and well now I don't feel as great as I did back then and I'm not as fit as I was. 
Recently I found out Josiah has a food intolerance. I nurse him so whatever I eat can have a negative effect on his little stomach. I figured out it was a dairy intolerance. His poop was green and mucousy so I went to Dr. Google who informed me I need to cut dairy and soy out of my diet because these were the main culprits in babies intolerance.It also said these foods can cause baby eczema and fussy gassy babies, which Josiah had pretty much all those symptoms. So I cut it from my diet. It seemed to help for a little bit, his poops went back to a yellow color and mucous went away. Well last week I noticed it was back to green and mucousy, and I had not been eating dairy, so the next step would be to cut grains. By cutting grains and dairy I was pretty much almost Paleo again, so why not go back all the way. 
As of yesterday I am eating Paleo again. I know it'll help Josiah's little digestive system as well as help me feel healthy and shed the rest of my baby weight. Above I've listed some of the cookbooks I have  to help me plan my meals and figure out new ways to cook. I'm so excited for this new change and can't wait to see the positive results. If you have a favorite Paleo recipe or cookbook, please share it!
I hope everyone has a great week!

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