Boys Photoshoot

My sister gifted us a Newborn photoshoot for Josiah 15 days after he was born. It was sooooo much work! I'm surprised, our awesome photographer Roxanne, had so much patience with our brood of wiggle worms! Well the ending product came out beautiful! I absolutely love them! I asked her to emphasize on his clubfeet because when he is older I want him to see how his feet were and how perfect he was regardless of clubfoot. Babies are so beautiful at this age. I never did newborn photos with Abram and Eli, and now I regret it! If you are teetering on whether to do it with you little newbie, DO IT!! You never get those moments of them brand new again and at least you have them mounted on your wall somewhere in your house to look at daily. I cannot wait to have these blown up. 

Josiah is 2 months now and growing like a weed. He eats ALL day! We are literally attached most of the day. He's great though. I love being his mommy and being around to witness his smiles and cooing. He will be getting his last set of casts this week before his achilles tenotomy in 2 weeks where his heal cord will be released. As a mommy I am so nervous to have him go through anesthesia and surgery so soon in his life, but I know its for the best and I can't wait to just get it over with. There will be a lot of love, hugs and cuddles going around after that. My poor baby.
Have a great day and keep tuning in for our clubfoot journey!



  1. This is a beautiful post Dominque! I will be sharing on FB as well. :)


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