Backyard Fun

We have a very large backyard and the boys could literally be out there all day long! When we bought the house the backyard was actually nothing buy decomposed granite which is pretty much hard dirt. I hated it, we were about to have Abram and I couldn't picture playing outside in that dirt, but Luis promised we would get grass put in by the time he was old enough to play. Well by Abrams 5th birthday we finally got it done! I'm so happy with the was it turned out. It's been a year now and we are in the backyard almost daily! The boys love playing baseball with us and Abram always makes up these silly rules even though he knows the real ones. Haha. Eli still needs help making contact with the ball so Luis always has to help him. Oh and he starts the day off with pants, but we've been potty training for almost 6 months now and I've come to the conclusion that he's just lazy! If he's playing he's not going to use the potty unless it's for #2. So by this time of the day he's gone through 2 sets of clothes I usually give up and just let him run around in underwear.  Laundry gets done a lot at my house! So if anyone has any suggestions how to get him to stop being lazy please share! 

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