With and Without Castings

Sorry the pix are a bit blurry, once his casts are off he loves kicking away!

Such a cute little stare!

Yesterday Josiah had his casts changed. He wears the fiberglass kind of casts so we are able to take them off here at home and get him in the bath before going to get his new set. Its awesome because he loves his weekly baths. He loves kicking his feet in the water, it really is the cutest thing, he really melts my heart! He cries so much when I get him out of the bath, I have to nurse him every time just to calm him down. We thought this weeks casts would be his last set, but the Dr is going to do one more set just to be sure his surgery will work the way it should. Casting days are a bit tough on us because it takes Josiah a bit to adjust to the new foot position. Last night I broke down and gave him Tylenol. He's a real mamas boy on days like that, he just wants to be held or nursing, but I don't mind! 
Well hope everyone has an exciting weekend, summer is going by so fast!


P.S. My site will be under construction this weekend so please pardon any difficulties while navigating.

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