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I love morning walks! We take off right after breakfast and can still even catch some of the morning dew in the air. It really starts our day on the right foot. Haha, pun intended. We live right near the riverbed and have a bit of a scenic route during our walk. The boys really love it, in fact Eli didn't even want to come home! Josiah doesn't really like strollers so I recently bought a Solly Baby Wrap and he absolutely loves it! It takes him about 5 min and he knocks out for the whole walk and even while the kids play at the park. I've always wanted one, but the other boys never really liked being worn for too long. I did some research and read that it's ergonomically better to wear babies instead of having them in car seats or strollers for long periods of time. Eventually Josiah will grow out of the wrap and I really want to buy the  Beco Gemini, I'm obsessed! The upside of the Beco is he can wear it once he gets into the boots and bar and even long after. We love being outdoors so this is definitely a must buy some time soon, but for now the Solly is suiting just fine.
My father in law and his family are coming today and I am so excited! They live about 6 hours away so its a tough drive with the kids. I love when they come though, we really have so much fun. My father in law is so funny, he has me laughing the whole time he's here with his stories and jokes. Luis is the same way, not a day goes by when he doesn't make me laugh. So I'm looking forward to all the laughs and the family fun. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!! 

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