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Eli has a pretty weak immune system and I never understood why. I nursed him until he was 1 year old, he eats fruits and veggies, he is active and gets enough time outside in the sun. I would get so frustrated because he was getting sick at least once a month. The pediatrician had put him on medicine for asthma and allergies and he still would still get sick. Every night between 11pm and midnight Eli would wake up with excessive coughing, throughout the day he had a runny nose or would start coughing after running around for a bit, and he was only 2 and already had ear infections 3x! He would get better and we would put away the humidifier and a week later we would have to get it back out! I was at my wits end once Josiah came and Eli got him sick twice, landing Josiah back in the hospital with pneumonia at 3 weeks old. I went online and started trying to figure out what to do since the meds Eli had been prescribed were- clearly- not working. I read up on how antibiotics could actually be the culprit to the reason he was always sick. He had been on antibiotics a few times and while they do kill the bad bacteria, they also killed the good one. Probiotics are  strains of good bacteria and could help boost kids immune system, regulate their digestive system and for some even help with diaper rash. I figured I would give it a try with nothing to lose, but hopefully gaining my son's health back. 
I am very happy to report that after 1 full month Eli is so much better! He hasn't woken up coughing since the day I started the probiotic. He has not had a runny nose, and when he runs around outside he has no coughing side effect! I am so amazed that I literally recommend probiotics to all kids!! I discontinued Eli's other meds the same day I started the probiotic, since they had not been working anyway. I was able to find this probiotic at a local health food store, Lassens, but they also have it on amazon here. If you have a child who is constantly getting sick for no apparent reason I highly recommend trying probiotics. Theres nothing better than knowing you have a healthy kid again, happy baby = happy momma!!
Wishing everyone a happy and healthy day!!

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