Baby Leggings

I ordered baby leggings for Josiah before he was born and before I knew he would have clubfoot. I saw them online and thought they were just the cutest ever! Well I'm glad I did. Baby Leggings make his casts look stylish instead of just the rugged cast look. They also make diaper changes so much easier. I had gotten pants one size up to put on him during castings, but they always were so hard to take off, so we stopped using pants. I absolutely love baby leggings! I get so many compliments on them and the cute prints, people can't even tell Josiah is wearing casts! Baby Leggings are a stylish staple for all babies and a must buy for all clubfoot mammas. Click the link on my page to get a special promo for similar baby leggings.

We had a great time this weekend with my in laws! The kids played the whole time! We always have such a blast, I really hate to see them leave. Eli was crying and asking were his grandpa was after they left, it broke my heart. We are planning to make a trip to visit them within the next month. I love road trips so I can't wait!
Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!


  1. Those leggings are so cute and it looks like some great family time
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    1. Aren't they!? I'm obsessed. He will probably be using them even after casting is done and over with. Family time really was great. Thank you for your continuous reading Carly!


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