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I have had real bad acne since having my second son. I'm talking 16 year old teenage girl acne that is so embarrassing you want to hide under your blankets until your beautiful again! Honestly I've tried so many different products and spent so much money that it makes me dizzy just counting. Nothing seemed to work long term and I became so frustrated with my face to the point of tears. Well recently I had given up on all the chemical stuff out there and decided to go all natural. I had read up on honey and lemon being the saving grace for some people so I tried it. Let me tell you, my skin never felt so soft  and refreshed before and I was hooked! Along with that I started using Vitamin E (pure d-Alpha) capsules, now there is also the dl-Alpha which is not the real deal, that one has extra ingredients. Lastly Rosehip Seed Oil, again the 100% all natural kind. This little routine has helped so much I can say after 1 week I am free of pimples!!!! (clapping in the background) Now I wont tell you I don't have the scarring from the old pimples but they are seriously less noticeable. I am so happy to wake up in the morning and not see a cluster of painful bumps on my forehead, cheeks or chin. I just had to share this experience because I've never seen something work faster than this.

So here is my routine:
1. I put about a teaspoon of raw & unfiltered Wild Sage Honey in my palm with about 4 drops of a real lemon. I rub that all over my face rubbing the most on the areas that I get the most acne. I leave that on my face for anywhere between 10-15 minutes, then just wash it off with warm water still rubbing the most damaged parts of my face.  Here is a link to the Honey I use:  Wild Sage Honey

2.With a needle I pierce the Vitamin E capsules and squeeze about a pea size amount on my fingertips and rub all over my face, eyelids and under eyes, and neck (vitamin E is also known to be good for wrinkles). I use: Natures Bounty Vitamin E

3. 100% Pure Rosehip Seed Oil smells a bit nasty at first but the smell goes away in seconds. 3-4 drops on my fingertips and again just rub all over my face and neck. I use: Insta Natural 100% Pure Rosehip Seed Oil 

Now everyones face is different and I don't guarantee this will work for everybody, but it really has been my saving grace. Let me know if you try it and how it works out for you!

Have a Beauty filled Day!!

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