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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

It's June 1st! I usually love new months. I always say with a new month comes new opportunity! This month is a little different...... I turn 30 on the 30th.... 
So I am sure your thinking, "So you're turning 30 what's the big deal?" Well to me 30 always felt like a far off number, an age I would never reach, yet here I am 29 days away and pondering my existence.

Let me give you the honest low down on me. I am a kid at heart. I love Disneyland, if I could I would live there. I like to watch cartoons and Disney movies, (Current favorite Zootopia, out June 7th, BUY it! Best movie ever!) I find the funny in everything, I can't keep a straight face when the kids say poop or when I am trying to scold them. I love snacking all day, if I could I would eat donuts for breakfast every morning and cereal for dinner every night- and I wonder where my kids get it from. I am really just not good at adulting.

For some reason I feel like all this stuff is not allowed in my 30's. Like there's a rule that I have to "Grow Up" by the time I'm 30. I realize I should be grown up already, I mean for Pete's sake I have a husband, 3 kids and a mortgage. If that ain't grown enough I don't know what is.

But really people, does 30 mean I have to take life so seriously? Don't get me wrong I am not some immature little girl running around playing house. When it's time to be an adult I have my moments. I just hate to think that life becomes this boot camp of rules that say I have to hurry up and get my career in gear, pay off all the bills and invest in some stock in, I don't know India, because if not I will regret it by the time I'm 50! Time is going by so fast and I just want to enjoy my kids and go to Disney! But I feel like in order to do that I have to spend time away from my kids building my- you know boss babe empire. That does not happen overnight and by the time I'm done I will have wasted a few years working my butt off instead of playing with my kids.

Incase you didn't already figure out, I am saying that life is passing by quickly. Yesterday I thought I was a kid and today I am trying to find time to blog and write a book all while getting dinner on the table and playing hide and seek. So I a turning 30, who cares, age is nothing but a number! I am living the moment. I have a happy life with my family and I wouldn't change it for the world. Yes I wish I had a publication by now, but if it doesn't happen tomorrow, I am okay with that.

Society is constantly reminding us that we need to own this and have that for our future, but the reality is that tomorrow you could possibly not wake up. Life is happening now. Collect memories not things. When you get buried all those things can't come with you. The memories with your kids, the life spent doing something you love doing, that is a life worth living. 

Adulting is tough at times, but I like to think that the kid in me keeps me balanced. So here's to 30... May it bring success, and wonderful adventures, but may I always remember not to take life so seriously.


  1. Cheers to 30! I turn 30 next April!

  2. Happy 30th birthday, such a milestone!

    stay styled,


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    BLOG: http://staystyledblog.com/

  3. I love your attitude on not taking life so seriously! Cheers to having fun and acting whatever "age" you feel like!

    1. Awe thank you that means so much. Thank you very much for reading!

  4. Happy 30th birthday!! Love all these fun pictures with your kids! <3

    xo Raina

    1. Thank you Raina! Those are pretty embarrassing, but I like to keep it real!

  5. I'm a whole decade older than you, and I still don't feel like a grown up :) I think your 30's will be awesome, and I'm excited to follow your journey. Happy early birthday!

    1. You are the sweetest Shann! I would have never guessed you look better than me!

  6. Great post! Happy birthday!


  7. 30's are awesome! And remember, age is but a number - you are only as old as you feel. Young at heart all the way I say! Happy birthday :-)

  8. Dominique you are so fun! I look at your photos and just smile - you are living life and that is absolutely what's important. I'm so thankful for this reminder because it's so hard to not get caught up in "adulting" and honestly it's really not much fun. Like you, I would much rather play and soak up this time and it really does make me sad that these youngster years with the boys are passing so fast.

  9. Cheers to 30! There is NOTHING wrong with being silly...it sounds like you've got an awesome perspective and approach to life! I'm sure it's going to serve you SO well. :)

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