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In the last month I have gone a little palette crazy. I used my birthday money to buy one. I sold some stuff online to buy another and the other was a birthday gift from my sweetie. To put it lightly I'm a bit palette obsessed. But in all honesty look at these beauties! Who wouldn't be?

This post is not an affiliate post in any way. All opinions are my own.

When the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani eyeshadow palette went on sale everywhere I jumped on it and got one right away. I have to be honest when it first came out I was not too impressed by the colors. I didn't really feel they went well with my skin tone. I completely understand that Gwen is a natural beauty, so these colors totally fit her bill. But they were not calling my name.

When the sale hit, I figured that for $25 dollars I would give it a shot! The colors are beautiful. The formula is so creamy on the matte shades and so pigmented on the shimmery shades. I can't help but love this palette. 

I find myself reaching for this palette a whole lot more than I thought I would. Being that the shades are pretty neutral I can make an everyday look easily. Then those times when I want to spice it up I can smoke it out or give my look a pop of color.

This is the top row from left to right. These are great as highlighting shades and the last as a smoky hue.

I notice that this middle row serves as great transitioning shades except for that very first one. The others are all matte shades.

The third rows pigmentation is just stunning! If I want to pop out my look this is the row I reach for. Overall I really like this palette. I don't regret my purchase one bit. However, I don't feel like this palette is necessary. At least not if you already have a neutral palette you reach for that also has pops of color. Urban Decay's formula is flawless though, they never steer me wrong.

The Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills makes me wonder how I have ever lived without it! I am so so so loving on this one.

The pigmentation is perfect and the butter glide on effect is just effortless. It really is a flawless palette. I dare you to swatch it and not buy it! I have to tell you how I got this palette....

I was at Macy's buying the Tartlette in Bloom which I had been crushing on for a bit- all for the shade "Firecracker". That shade just drove me nuts. I loved it! So I am at the register and out of the corner of my eye I see this halo coming down from heaven and shining on this beauty, granted I had already paid for the Tartlette. I walk over and swatch Venetian Red and stand in awe at the beautiful hue on my arm. 
I go home. Tartlette in hand and although it smelled and looked beautiful, my heart was calling on The Modern Renaissance palette. After going through my palettes I realized I didn't have anything at all like The Renaissance palette. So back I go to Macy's, return the Tartlette and buy the Modern Renaissance beauty.

I do not regret this one AT ALL!! I absolutely love it. The looks I can make from this palette are just endless. It really is pure perfection. This is the first Anastasia product I buy, and I am immediately a fan of the line. 

The colors may look a little much in the palette but on the skin they are just beautiful. If you are on the fence about this one, don't be. Buy it! You will not regret it one bit!

Top Row

Bottom row

This next palette just arrived yesterday, but I had been crushing on it for months. I had heard mixed reviews being as the brand is not paraben free and not vegan. Mophe is such a popular line I figured for the price and the amount of shades I would just judge for myself.

The Morphe 35OS palette is a shimmer version of the famous 35O.

I believe it's named the 35O because it is 35 colors and there are a lot of orange hues. S being for Shimmer.

I have yet to use this one on my eyes since I just received it yesterday, but just by swatching I can tell you I am truly happy with this palette as well. No joke that all these glide on like butter.

Swatches top row to bottom in order by rows.

Now these bottom rows look very similar, however they are different. Some of the browns have gold undertones. Some are darker than others. Some are shinier, but I promise each shade has it's own sparkle.

Find these beauties here:

In my own opinion I feel The Renaissance and the 35OS are great palettes for Summer, Fall and even Winter. I feel like they can be used for all around beautiful looks at any time of year so don't let the colors fool you. The Gwen Stefani is definitely and everyday natural look with some crazy in it. All very beautiful very unique palettes.

What are your thoughts on these beauties? Do you own them or itching to buy them? Share below, I love talking make up! Thanks for reading!


  1. This post is everything. I have the Tartelette in bloom. Now I need to order modern Renaissance.

    1. Thank you Taylor! I actually really like the Tartelette, but the Renaissance is just a real must have!

  2. Great buys! I have the Gwen Stefani palette and I love it, I didn't get it on sale though, you are so lucky, haha! I want to purchase the Renaissance palette and I hope to get soon for my birthday, next month! I'm also slightly obsessed with eyeshadow palettes, I just can't help it!

    1. I hope you can get your hands on the Renaissance soon, but it's a permanent item to their line so it's not going away. Thanks so muc for reading!

  3. So lovely to find your blog.I need all the help I can get with makeup. Great to hear your tips and read your reviews. Thanks lots

  4. This is such a lovely post and I'm a big fan of having so many different palettes! xx Adaleta Avdic

  5. I definitely have to get the Gwen Stefani, it's definitely colors I am most comfortable wearing everyday. And that 350S is really speaking to me, too! Glad you shared this - I love a good review.

    1. I think you and Gwen have the same beautiful skin. The hues would look gorgeous on you!

  6. Oooh, those are pretty! I've needed some pretty eyeshadow colors for a while, and I've not lucked out with the best quality in the ones I've purchased.


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