Fab Five for Friday

I am a die hard music freak! Whatever mood I am in, I need music to accompany it. So today I am bringing you my absolute favorite pick me up songs!

I have to let you in on a little fact about us. We do not listen to the newest pop stars, rap stars, country stars or shooting stars in our household. I did, years ago when Abram was little. I have to admit that he liked a lot of the "move your booty" music artists such as Pitbull. But one day I started to actually listen to the words of these songs playing through my car speakers and into my child's ears. I realized it was stuff he should not be listening to. I didn't want my 3 year old asking me what it meant to "get it on" or to be repeating profanity. Little minds are like sponges and I would rather them listen to music that will edify their life not strengthen their inappropriate vocabulary.

I then began listening to the Christian music stations in the car and they have stuck ever since! The best part is they also play upbeat music, rap, and even some country! We love listening to these artists praise God through their music ministry. Praise music does not have to be boring. Nothing feels better than the sound of your child worshiping in the back seat! 

So here are some of our most requested in the car and at home anthems!

1. Moriah Peters- Brave   The kids always say, "Mom it's your song!" when this one come on. It is my anthem and makes me feel like superwomen! 

2. TobMac- Move  This song was on repeat for the longest time in the car! This is the first song Josiah LOVED! He would dance to it and grunt when it was over until I replayed it. Eli always asks for this one as well.

3. Lauren Daigle- Trust in You  This is just another of my favorite "go to" songs when I am feeling confused about what life throws at me.

4. TobyMac- Til the day I die  Abram really likes this one. I think the beat just gets him going.

5. MercyMe- Flawless  This song came out around the time Josiah was born and helped me on those nights I cried about his Clubfoot diagnoses. I cried to this song not because I was sad, but because I saw how Flawless Josiah really was. It is a beautiful song and the video is really telling.

 There you have it. My family's top 5 songs. I hope you take a minute to listen to the words and you find they fit any situation you may be going through. Have a blessed weekend!!


  1. I love these songs! I've also made a conscious effort to listen to Christian music when I have the boys in the car. My oldest loves the new song, "The River" by Jodan Feliz. He sings and dances whenever it comes on and I always think, "I bet God and all the angels are dancing and singing right along with him." It just makes my heart melt! Happy Friyay!

    1. We love that song! It's just so much better to know your child is listening to something positive. Thanks for stopping by Brittany. Happy Friday!!

  2. These are awesome songs! We used to listen to just about everything too, but as soon as they are able to pick up on the words, there goes all of our playlist. We listen to a lot of Disney songs, but it would be so nice to have some adult artists like this. Thank you for the great introduction.

  3. So this is another reason we are definitely the East Coast, West Coast sisters! <3 We listen to Lauren Daigle on repeat in the car all the time and we also listen to a Precious Moments collection for kids that is so adorable and I love hearing them sing along. I'm excited to check out these other songs - thanks for sharing!


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