Sunday Best

Since Luis has been working Sundays I hadn't been to church in a few weeks because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to hang with all 3 kids. I had told the boys on Saturday night we were going to get up early and go. So on Sunday I woke up and got everyone ready and braved church with 3 rambunctious boys on my own. Well to my surprise we did great! I'm glad we went too, because it was a special service honoring my aunt, whom is also our pastor, and the boys were able to participate with the kids. I tend to get scared of going out with all 3 boys and not be able to handle nursing Josiah, changing diapers, controlling tantrums, remembering to take snacks, quieting loud outbursts, and having enough hands for all 3 boys. Usually if Luis is with me I am ok because it's 2 of us, 3 kids and 4 hands, but alone I am definitely outnumbered. I'm proud of us, though, we were all able to manage and enjoy ourselves without having meltdowns or me feeling overwhelmed. 
After church we went to my sister's and enjoyed some much needed family time. I am seriously so grateful for my sister! Gilda is always there for me and my kids. I couldn't function without her. We had to go out of town last week for one of Josiah's dr appointments and Luis could not go because of work. Gilda woke up and traveled the three and a half hours with me at 4am! I couldn't ask for a better sister, she is so selfless and genuine. I just love her so much! Friday we will be traveling up there again for Josiah's heel cord surgery and again Gilda will be my travel companion since Luis has to stay home and take Abram to school. This will be an exciting week with Abram starting 1st grade tomorrow and Josiah having surgery. I am praying for a lot of grace because I tend to get anxious with all these changes. 
Have a great week everyone!

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