We Found Chewy's Brother!

As hard at it is to believe, on my way out to a walk last week, I found Chewbacca's brother! I was locking the door and I hear Eli say, " Hi Chewy!" I immediately thought Chewy had got out and I didn't notice, but when I went to grab him his collar was missing. I went back in the house to look for Chewy and there he was, wearing his Tiffany blue collar, looking at me funny. I went back outside and knew that this had to be Chewy's brother. I checked him for fleas, being as Chewy had been covered in them, and sure enough, he was covered everywhere! I cancelled my walk and grabbed all the bath stuff I needed and started bathing Chewy's brother. His flea problem was about 10 times worse than Chewy's was, so much so that it took me 3 hours and a sun burn to get all the fleas dead and brushed off. I could not believe that the owner of these puppies, just did not care about taking the proper care of these little guys. I was so upset that this time I did not go out looking for the owner. If this person did not care enough about them to bathe them and get them flea treatment, they would not care that Chewy's brother was missing. My nephew had really taken a liking to Chewy so he decided to take him in and give him a good home. I was happy to see Chewy and his brother run around together, but Luis said there was no way we were going to have 3 dogs and 3 kids! Haha! He also said no more rescuing, but we shall see about that! I just have such a urge to help, I can't help it. I'm glad Chewy's brother stayed in the family so that they can get together often and still be able to grow up together. So now everyone tells me to find another one of Chewy's siblings to give to them. Haha. They really are cuties and very smart. My nephew decided to name him Teddy, which I think fits him great because he looks like a teddy bear to me! 
Hope everyone has a great start to their weekend.

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