Big Boy Beds

Pardon the teeth marks. Abram chewed it up pretty bad as a baby.

My boys have all transitioned into their big boy beds this week! Abram is now sleeping on the top bunk. Eli went from his crib to the bottom bunk in Abram's room and Josiah has gone from the bassinet to the crib! It amazes me how easily they all have adjusted. All three boys have used this crib. We thought about possibly getting a new one for Josiah, but this one just holds sentimental value to me now. When Abram started teething he would wake up in the morning and use it to soothe his gums, so there is bites all around the crib! I still kinda laugh every time I change the sheets and see the wood chipped off. After we noticed him doing it we bought the teething guards, but he still managed to get them off and chew on the wood instead. Luckily no major harm was done! Eli was so happy to leave the crib for Josiah and bunk with his big brother, he literally falls asleep within 5 minutes now! I think the fact that his brother is there with him makes him rest so much easier. Abram isn't too happy about rooming with Eli, but he's getting used to it. It will only make them closer and I love that. Josiah had been banging his casts on the bassinet for a few weeks now so I knew it was time for the change. It gave me a bit of anxiety letting him sleep all alone in the room, but he did great! He had so much more room and by the middle of the night he had flipped all the way around in the crib, so I'm sure he's much happier. What gets me the most is how quickly my boys are growing up. I feel like just yesterday Abram was born, and this month he turns 6! With Eli I feel like I blinked and he grew, although I still remember he's just a baby when he wants to be rocked or held like a baby. Josiah is 3 months in 5 days and I feel like we just got home from the hospital. I tend to get sad at the thought of them growing up, I just can't help it. But being a stay at home mom makes it easier for me to deal. I get to witness all the milestones. I get to be there to kiss them every morning off to school and pick them up when they get off. I get to be the one to play with them  and teach them. I get to help when they need me or just hug them when they need a hug. I know to some, being a stay at home mom might seem like a boring job and an easy job, but for me it's the hardest job I have ever had. I say it's hard because at the end of the day I always wonder if I gave it my all, if I spent enough quality time with them, if they learned anything new, if I should have just let them have the candy, the mom guilt is what is the hardest- beside the obvious reasons of being exhausted and not clocking out at the end of the day. The exciting part and rewarding aspect of it is I am the only one my boys run to for everything and although sometimes I get tired I absolutely love being there for my boys, I love knowing they can always count on me. The bonus is that they have helped me grow and become more patient. I get to see the world through the eyes of a kid and when they laugh those are my happiest moments. Plus I get loved all day long and get paid with slobbery kisses!! I thank God for my little big boys and I am so proud of them every day that passes.
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