Who will he look like?!

A couple of nights ago we were taking family selfies before bed. Haha! Abram and Eli are constantly grabbing my phone and taking selfies or videos of themselves being crazy. Days later they crack up about the videos and wanna take more! Lol. Crazy kids. Anyways this morning my husband and I were wondering what Josiah will look like and who he will resemble the most. Luis thinks he will be the fairest skin of the boys, while I think he might be darker. I'm guessing he might have the most hair, since I have had the most heartburn this pregnancy. Old wives tales say heartburn means hairier babies! One thing we both agree on is that he will most likely  look like both Abram and Eli. People always tell me the boys look like twins if it weren't for the age difference. The real difference is their personalities. Abram is more shy and reserved around new people or strangers, more like my husband. While Eli just goes up to random people and says Hi. Eli makes you feel like hes known you forever and is very talkative when you meet and definitely more affectionate, more like me! I cant wait to meet Josiah and see who he looks like and his little personality! I am so anxious to be the mother of 3 crazy boys. Its so fun and never a dull moment at our house.
Happy weekend from my boys (hubby included) and I!!!


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