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I had a beyond proud mommy moment today. I picked up Abram from school and per the norm I asked him how his day went, what he did, what he learned, who he played with, yes I'm a nosey mother! Most days he tells me, others he says he doesn't remember, and some he even tells me to stop asking! Haha! Makes me wonder how his teenage years will be. 

Today he said he was really worried about his best friend. I asked why, and he told me his best friend was being bullied by another kid. I saw the concern on his face when he proceeded to tell me all the details. I realized at that very moment I was raising a true gentlemen..... Excuse me while I grab a tissue! 
Of course every mother needs to know if their child is being bullied so I called his mom and let her know. Abram was glad I did. Its not every day you see a truly concerned child and it made me proud to know Abram was being raised to know to speak up when he needs to. I told him he did the right thing and I saw the concern on his face turn to peace. 

Abram is turning 6 in August and since the day he was born my biggest fear has always been raising him wrong or doing something that will affect his future in a negative way. I am responsible for who he turns out to be. I am responsible for his outlook on life and I am responsible for how he handles the world around him. But on days like today when I get that reassurance that I'm doing something right with him, I cut myself a break. I am one proud momma of this little man and the man he is becoming! 

He truly makes me love being a mother! XOXOXO


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