Getting ready for the Hospital!!

I Started packing my bag for the hospital! This is the third time I do this so I pretty much know the stuff I need and the stuff I don't. This time around I'm using only one bag for both me and baby. The other 2 times I take my bag and a diaper bag and I don't end up needing the diaper bag because the hospital gives you so much stuff to take home in other bags. So this time I am only taking 2 outfits for baby, a long sleeve and a short sleeve and thats it. The hospital literally gives you everything else! Diapers, wipes, pacifiers, baby wash, and even swaddle blankets are all provided by hospital. 

For myself I pack a little more, but still some of this stuff is not needed since again hospital provides some of this stuff.
-Going home outfit
-Very large over the incision underwear (since I have always had a c-section)
-Flip flops for the shower, I hate standing on hospital floors!
-Travel size shampoo and conditioner
-Body wash or soap bar
-Face wash and Moisturizer
-Eye Cream, for tired bags
-Brush or Comb
-Make up. I know after having a baby its excusable to look natural, but I like to look a bit put together! lol
-Glasses and contacts with solution
-Toothbrush and toothpaste/ mouthwash
-Snacks for when you get hungry and they finally allow you to eat!
-Chargers for whatever electronics your brining along

Stuff for Hubby:
- An extra outfit or at least T-shirt and undies!
-Snacks and money for vending machine
-Water bottle
- Something to read

In the past I overpacked and didn't need a lot of stuff I took, so now I really stick to essentials and try to make life easier for myself and my hubby. Of course installing the car seat is one thing you can't forget. This time around I also packed a bag for Abram and Eli because I'm sure the first night they will be staying with my sister. They each had an extra outfit, pj's, socks, underwear, towels , sweaters, a toy for each, and some shoes. My sister provides the rest  including entertainment and food! Haha

I have a Dr appointment today so I'm excited to possibly be seeing my new little man soon!

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