Almost Family of 5

There are moment I can't believe how fast time flies. It honestly feels like just yesterday was our first time taking Abram to Disneyland on our first major family vacation! Time we spent with him seemed to go so slow at the time. He was such a good kid and we were sure we didn't want more. Abram was enough for us and we knew he always would be...... until...

Eli was born! He really completed our family. I had heard horror stories of people transitioning from 1 child to 2, but for us it seem to come so easy. Eli brought our family so much happiness and really made us all even closer! Luis and I yo yo'd back and forth on having a 3rd and there was days where I said, "Absolutely not, lets get rid of all this baby junk!"  We had a couple yard sales and did clear out some stuff. Eventually we did agree on a third! Of course it came with struggles to get there, but now we are anticipating his arrival. 

I am probably the main one who can't wait. Everyday I feel bigger and my body hurts more. I'm ready to meet this little booger! I'm so excited for whats to come and I cant wait to raise 3 boys. I can't wait for the non stop chaos and the loud noises. I know that might sound crazy, but when my boys are not around or its quiet, I feel like something is missing or something is off in my world! People ask if I'm sad I'm not getting my girl. I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't at first, but the more I pictured my life with 3 boys, the more I realized it just made more sense. Abram has nicknamed himself and Eli the "dangerous brothers" because I am constantly telling them whatever they are doing is too dangerous. A girl would just not fit in with the dangerous brothers, they would probably turn her into some sort of stunt prop! Poor girl.... So I am pleased to have the privilege to be the mother of yet another boy and I definitely can not wait to meet him! 

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