Since Having Eli I had serious complexion problems. I had oily skin that would always breakout and nothing was helping. For a long time I used Proactive, but I had read stuff about how there was ingredients in the system that made your skin addicted to the stuff and your skin would go wacko after use. So I discontinued use and my skin did infact go wacko! 

This picture is from about a year ago and you could see on my forehead and right cheek all the zit scars. I hated this! I felt extremely ugly. I opted to try natural stuff like raw honey and lemon to wash my face and moisturized with Rosehip Seed oil and Vitamin E oil. It worked good, but not fast enough for me and my skin still felt oily and looked shiny.
I decided to go back to trying stuff out. This time I went with department store creams, maybe you do get what you pay for. I started using Philosophy Purity Made Simple face wash morning and night, and every couple days with my Clarasonic Mia, my sister had given me for Christmas. My face felt awesome! It finally felt clean without over drying or leaving my skin oily. I loved the cleanser so much I decided to try their Hope in a Jar Moisturizer. Together these have worked awesome balancing my skin out. 
As you can see its made a huge difference! This picture was from this morning. I actually feel like I can go out places without make up now and I don't look that bad! I really do feel back to normal. Now the last thing I have been using is Hylunia Complex C. My sister gave me a sample size of this stuff a while back ago and it just sat there, so one night I decided I'd put it on my dark spots and see if they would lighten up as well as try to fight aging. Well I feel very strongly that it has played a part in healing my scars. I'm addicted and luckily my sister has been giving me all her samples, but I would definitely buy it either way. I have been using all 3 of these products for about a month and a half and since the change has been so dramatic I had to share! I also want to clarify this is my personal and honest review and nobody is paying me for this review. I simply love these products and can see the difference they have made on my skin.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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