Avila Farms

I've been nesting like crazy! The last 3 days I have finished the nursery, washed all of the baby stuff, deep cleaned bathrooms, cleaned out closets, and a bunch of other stuff I wont bore you with. In the past I nest pretty hardcore right before the boys have come so we'll see if this little guy comes soon. My mom is hoping he comes Sunday because thats her birthday! 
Anyways on Friday I had a dr appointment and since it was on the way back, we stopped by the Avila Farms. The boys love it there because they get to feed all the animals, go on hayrides, ride ponies, get yummy produce, all in all its just fun! Unfortunately apple picking wasn't in season and the pony ride was closed, but they still had a blast. 
I love going on unpredictable adventures with my boys! Sometimes we just go to the store and suddenly make a day of going to the park or the beach or even just the toy store to look at the toys. I try my hardest to find fun things for us to do, but sometimes its hard around this area. My oldest is a huge home body so it takes a lot of convincing to get him out of the house. Like when we go to farmers market today I know he'll protest, but Eli loves it! We also have a playdate today with some friends. Hoping the day stays nice! 
Have a great day!!


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