Patiently waiting for his treat!
Jack playing swords with Abram!

Jack tearing up his Christmas gift!

Looking back on my posts I don't think I have ever mentioned we own a crazy Chocolate Labrador Retriever named Jack Frost. We bought him for Abram as a birthday gift when he turned 4 years old in 2013. Abram named him after Jack Frost from the movie Rise of the Guardians. We got him when he was only 7 weeks old and he was beautiful, pure bred and so much work! Lol. I had heard Labs were great family dogs and pretty easy to train so we went for it! Its nearly 2 years later and he is still crazy! Jack is a really loving dog and so protective of the kids. Sometimes I have a hard time with how hyper he is, since I already deal with 2 other crazy boys in the house, but I can't picture our family without him. My in laws just went through the loss of their Boxer of about 10 years and it makes me sad to think someday Jack will pass on us. The boys love him so much and always play with Jack as the bad guy or monster out to get them and they all love it! Haha. So if anyone is thinking of getting a family dog I do highly recommend a Labrador, just know it takes a lot of training, patience, and about 2 years of some chaos, but the love they give your family outweighs those chaotic times!

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