My Sister's Birthday

Today is my sister Gilda's birthday and shes out of town so I'm missing her a lot. We are 7 years apart, she's older, but we have always had loads of fun together. Our family has made complaints that we are too much to handle when we are together, we disagree. We are just the right amount of crazy and sane together! 

Gilda is one of those people who you meet and instantly like/love. She is beautiful, charming, graceful, funny, wise, and all around an awesome little lady! My kids can't live without her. When Abram was a baby he always wanted to be with her and when he got to an age where he could speak, his Friday night request would be to spend the night with Tia. I don't know how he knew it was Friday, but somehow he did. Eli always wants to go visit her as well. I must say even my husband likes being around her, and all that makes me real happy because I love being around her as well! 
As sisters we have had our little spats and we get mad at eachother, but I don't ever recall it lasting very long. We do talk almost everyday and if I haven't seen her in over a week I start to get antsy. I thank God she is my sister. Gilda is a great role model and I've always been able to come to her and get an honest answer for anything, even if I didn't like it. She is loyal and never the type to go behind your back or beat around the bush. I love her with all my heart and can't imagine life without my sister! 
So today I am thankful my sister was born and I pray she is blessed with many more years to come!!


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