Wonderful Weekend

Friday night Luis and I went on our last date until Josiah gets here. We had a great dinner in San Luis Obispo and walked around and did some shopping for the the baby! We had a blast and although we missed the kids we needed some alone time away. Luis and I have been together nearly 11 years, but we are still crazy about each other! We never run out of stuff to talk about or feel bored with one another. I truly love this man, I can be pretty difficult sometimes and he really knows how to deal with me or kick me out of a bad groove. He has always been supportive of my dreams and inspires me to better myself every day. Luis is such a great father, I've never seen kids crazier for their dad then my kids. In fact on Saturday I gave Luis time to himself to rest up and relax before the baby comes. The kids and I went to stay with my sister and we didn't see him again until Sunday afternoon. Well both Abram and Eli missed daddy and kept talking about him and how much they missed him! I love the strong bond they have, as a parent thats all you can ask for! Luis is just one of those guys everyone likes after they meet him. My whole family is crazy about him. I'm so blessed that he is my husband and the man God chose for me to spend my life with, date nights with him are a real blast!!

Sunday was my Mom's birthday! My family had a little lunch and cake for her. She hasn't really been feeling well lately so she didn't want too much hype. We had a great day though. My mom was hoping I had Josiah on her birthday, but no luck! Haha. Shes a great lady. I am very happy she is my mother. She has always set a good example for us and tried to give us the best she could. She had a total of 6 kids and I honestly don't know how she did it! She is a real trooper and I can only hope to be half of what she is! Again I am truly blessed she is my Momma. We may not always see eye to eye, but I try to remember times are way different then she remembers and she does mean well. She really loves my boys and I'm grateful for that. 
All in all I had a great family filled weekend and feel so happy to be bringing one more baby into our crazy clan! Hope everyone has a great week!!!

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