5 Ways To Show Love

Valentine's Day has come and gone. Personally, it is not a big deal around here. Luis and I have had 11 of them and it's not all the hype it used to be. Now you could easily take this the wrong way. I am fully aware of how that sounds, but the reason it's not a big deal for us is because we show each other love every day.

Now, I know how cliche that sounds. You probably just threw up in your mouth a little bit! Haha. But really, Luis demonstrates love and how important I am every day, so 1 day a year does not make a difference for us. Besides I hate how expensive things get around this time of year! I hate that a normal $20 bouquet of flowers goes up to $50!! Oh no thank you, I'd rather take that money in a homemade card please! I know flowers are nice, but come on, they die and I can't watch $50 just die like that. Luis is fully aware of my feelings and he just laughs about it now. 

I won't lie, 5 years ago I would have wanted those flowers and chocolate and even a stuffed animal so I could set it on my dresser to collect dust! However over time my marriage has matured in so many ways that I no longer need things to show me how much I mean to my husband. I tell Luis everyday how much I love and appreciate him, he does the same for me. This is how:

1. Help with the kids
-Now I know to some this might not sound like much, but it is soooooo much! If Luis is home he bathes them, helps feed them, helps them pick up their toys, brushes their teeth, cleans up spills- I can literally go on and on with this list. He could easily say, "hey I worked 10 hours, you handle all that", but he doesn't, he helps and to me that shows so much love.

2. Be a team
-If I make dinner, Luis washes the dishes. Some days he cooks. He takes the trash out. He fixes broken things around the house immediately. Again, these things might not sound like much, but to me they mean the world!

3. Think of them.
- Okay Hollywood gossip is my weakness. I love knowing what JLo is up to or whose famous kid was at farmers market. With that said I will not spend money on buying the magazines, Luis knows that, so when the girls at his work are done with them he brings them home to me! I never told him to, but he does because he knows I like them. That, people is love! He is showing me he thought of me and my guilty pleasures.

4. Make their favorite meals.
- The way to a man's heart is his stomach. I am not the best cook in the world, but Luis always compliments my food. So how do I repay him for being a wonderful husband? I make his favorite meals. 

5. Compliments.
- This is self explanatory, but I will elaborate. I tell Luis thank you for everything. When he helps with the kids, washes the dishes, takes out the trash, everything. I want him to see that his efforts do not go unnoticed. He tells me I look good every day. When I do my makeup, when I don't, in my pjs, in normal clothes, at bedtime. It means alot to me that he is still attracted to me after all these years. Another way of complimenting is pointing out great ideas. If Luis points out a way of doing something with the kids to make life easier, I make sure to tell him how smart he is and how much he makes life easier for us.

This list is simple, but sometimes I think people tend to forget the little things that matter so much in a relationship. I know I used to be one of them. My advice, don't focus on the things the other person isn't doing to show love. Focus on those little things that prove they are, trust me, your relationship will be much happier.


  1. I love the concept of loving each other every day and showing that love and respect in little ways that make a big impact rather than just going big on Valentine's Day. This is such a sweet post.

    1. Thank you I am so happy you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for reading!

  2. What a lovely post! The little things often seem to get brushed under the rug after being in a relationship for awhile, and it's always nice to read posts like this to remind myself to appreciate the little things and keep doing them. :)

    1. Yes, sometimes we need a little reminder. Thanks for reading!

  3. Great post! These are so important to remember throughout the year. it's not just about Valentine's Day and gifts.

  4. Very great post. Have a blessed day

  5. Too cute. It's true I cannot handle $50 on flowers either! That's a dinner out where I don't have to cook or do dishes!

    My hubby cleaned the floors and toys for me (which took over an hour lol) which was the best gift ever!

  6. These are great ideas for something I seriously need to work on! Thanks for the tips <3

    1. You're welcome! I feel like we tend to forget the little things. Thanks for reading!

  7. I can't tell you how much I love this post!
    Showing love every day is important in a relationship, not just on one day because it's convention.
    So lovely. :)

    Christie's Take on Life. x


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