February Fears

It's the beginning of the month and with that always comes new challenges to face and new obstacles to overcome.
January went by so fast and I know I didn't succeed at some of the goals I had last month, but that doesn't mean I roll over and give up.  I am a very positive person and I believe that if you have a personal goal or something you are aiming for you should never stop until you achieve it.

Some personal goals entail: goals for my blog, goals as a mother and wife, goals for my physical health- to name a few. With all these goals and expectations I have for myself sometimes fear may come over me. It starts off by telling me I'm crazy for thinking that is even an attainable goal. I then curl up into a mental ball and basically tell fear it is totally right! However, thanks to my father, I immediately snap myself out of it and remind myself EVERYTHING is possible! I believe in praying for the needs and desires of your heart and God usually shows me there is always a way. 

So I ask you, "Are there goals and obstacles you are allowing yourself to set on the back burner?"  "Why?"
"Don't you realize the time is now?" Okay that is a lot of questions, but seriously, we all know tomorrow is never promised. Just go for those goals! Take life by the horns! Fight for what you want!.......... (I'm not yelling by the way. Haha!) I just feel so passionate about this topic because sometimes I watch family members and friends not go for what they want because they are fearful or think something is unattainable. 

I take it upon myself to push you today. To remind you you can totally do it! Start over today. New month, new goals, new perspective. Today look fear in the eye and make a choice.....
Hope you can make the right choice. Have a great day!


  1. I definitely want to RISE! :) No fear here.

  2. I agree! January just flew by.

  3. I like that quote - I always love a little Monday Motivation! It annoys me when self doubt starts creeping up on me - you are exactly right that everything is possible!

    1. Yeah, it's a great one. I hope you have a wonderful month Erin!

  4. Awwwww loves ittt!!!! Hope your February rocks :)

  5. I want to rise too! Thanks for this inspirational post!

  6. so inspirational. Sometimes, it gets so easy to become bogged down by negative feelings and thoughts. This is a great reminder to keep going!


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