You Are Only Human

Happy Friday! I feel like I should apologize to my avid readers because I have not written a post since last Friday. In my defence I had a bit of a rough week. 

Josiah had been having a hard time sleeping at night and was being very fussy throughout the day. Well turns out little guy has a 2nd tooth breaking in! Yay! On Wednesday he turned 9 months and I still cannot believe how quickly time flies. I can still remember his first few days at home and how beautiful he smelled. I loved just holding him and rubbing his cute little crooked feet. Now he only likes being held when he wants to go to sleep, the rest of the day he is all over the house doing the army crawl. One of these days I will take a video and upload it for you to see what a crazy baby I have on my hands. He has become such a handful, even his brothers rat him out to me! Haha. Ahh the life of a boy mom, chaotic yet oh so rewarding!

Somehow spring cleaning came early and became a whole week of cleaning! I have literally not even caught up. I still have laundry to fold and whatever I cleaned on Monday needs attention again. I run around the house all day doing this and that, but at the end of the day I try to explain to Luis what I did and my mind goes blank. Haha! I do keep busy though.

Anyway, if you follow my Instagram you might have read I got a speeding ticket on Tuesday, (insert angry pouty face here!) I don't deny I was speeding, I was on my way to a dentist appointment for the boys, but I felt like everyone goes that speed on that highway. I had not gotten a ticket in years so I was pretty proud of myself until that day. I am not the type to argue with the officer so I just politely took my citation and went on my way. The boys kept asking if we were getting arrested and I couldn't help but chuckle a bit. Luis was very understanding and even said, "You are only human"  which totally blew me away because there goes our tax return! I am blessed to have such an understanding husband.

By the end of the week things started to feel normal again. I was itching to blog and tell you about my chaotic week in hopes another parent will read this and say, "Hey, sounds as crazy as my week!" But also to remind you, "you are only human!" As crazy as times may get, as hard as your day seems to be going, as much as you want to hide from your kids in the bathroom and eat cake- maybe that's just me..... Take a moment to remember, you are only human. It is completely normal to be tired some days, to have everything that could go wrong actually go wrong, and to want to run away and hide under your blankets. But, I promise times get better. If this is you. If you had a rough week, go out and have a great weekend! Make every second count. Laugh at your problems, take a deep breath, indulge in something you love and remember you are only human.

Some highlights of my week:

Have a great weekend!


  1. This is just what I needed to read before the weekend - I've definitely had days like that and it helps me to stop and put things in perspective - we have health, family, and God so life is good! I'm so glad your husband was understanding - he's absolutely right, we all make mistakes. I have to say I really enjoyed looking at your photos and just maybe I'm a little jealous of the sunshine. We've had too many super cold days to even get outside for a quick walk. I hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Yes, I am very blessed to have such an understanding husband. It's been so pretty here. We love being outside when it's nice. Hope the weather get's better for you!!

  2. Hope the weekend refreshes you after the week you had. Beautiful photo's!


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