Countdown to 12 Months

On Sunday Josiah turns 11 months! I can't even believe how quickly this little man's 11 months have gone for me. To be quite honest the first 3-4 months are very blurry. If I would not have blogged about them I probably wouldn't remember most of it. All the doctors appointments and sleepless nights were tough, but I would do it all over again to have the same baby. He makes me so extremely happy! 

Currently Josiah is crawling and sitting up. I had some concerns because he was not bearing weight to stand yet, but at his last doctor's appointment they reassured me that it's normal for some clubfoot babes to take their time with certain milestones and to be patient. I guess because he crawled and sat early I expected him to stand and walk early as well. He does bear the weight and stands while he is in his Jumperoo, but not when I hold him up. On Monday he went from the crawling position to the sitting position all on his own. I've tried to get a video of him doing that again and the minute he sees the camera he stops trying. Little bugger! 

Josiah can say "Hi, Dad, done, mas (more in spanish) and knows how to sign "Milk & More". He tries to mimic what we say, so I believe he will be an early speaker. 

Despite my other kids eating everything I fed them, Josiah does not. He is a very picky water. If he doesn't like something he won't eat it and I can not get him to open his mouth to try it  again. I tell him to open his mouth and he just shakes his head "no!" He also hates formula! Currently I nurse him, but I've been trying to slowly sneak in formula because I've weaned my kids at a year, on their actual birthday. With Josiah this method might be hard. He just makes a disgusted face and shakes his head "No!"

When it comes to his boots and bar Josiah has no problems with them. He is in 18 hour wear at the time. At night we have a routine and it's always gone smoothly. His feet look great! He has awesome dorsiflexion and I make sure to do his stretches every night. At his last appointment they said you couldn't even tell he was born with clubfoot. That made my heart so happy! I am in constant worry of a relapse. I don't think this worry is something that will ever go away. I'm learning to live with it.

Josiah is such a resilient baby, as most clubfoot babies are. I'm so proud that he is an overcomer, he truly amazes me daily. I'm so grateful to God for his life and choosing me to be his mother. He brings so much happiness to our family daily. Now the countdown to 12 months begins and I intend to live this month the slowest possible!


  1. Awww! He makes me smile! I'm so glad his little feet are doing so well. He really has such a smile to make anyone feel happy! My little one is a bit picky, too. He's just now starting to "try" more things because I kinda bribe him with fruit. Thanks for sharing this sweet boy with us!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! He makes me so so happy, I brag about him any chance I get! 😊

  2. Aww he is SO cute!! <3

    xo Raina

  3. Is it difficult to nurse while Josiah has his boots and bar on? We are about half way through the cast phase and I'm just not sure how much of a difference the boots will be. (So grateful for your blog :] it's been really helpful)

    1. Hi Jessesnia, no it's no difficult at all. I usually set him on the boppy with his body straight and his head turned to my breast. Laying on the bed is a good way too. Thank you so much for reading, I'm so glad it has been helpful. If you need a photo of what I'm talking about let me know and I can email you what I am talking about. xx


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