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We used to take the boys to get their haircut at those cute little salons that have those airplanes or cars the kids get to sit in. After they had let the lady cut their hair they got lollipops- you know those places?! I paid $20 to $25 per kid and they always ended up with choppy looking haircuts. Not once did they ever do it the way I asked them. A couple of times they even cut Abrams ear and they started to become terrified of going to get haircuts. Naturally Luis took a few online courses and started cutting the boys hair at home. (And by online courses I mean Youtube.)

I was a bit skeptic at first. I didn't want the boys to end up looking even worse. I would hold my breath just waiting for one of them to cry because he cut off their ear, but they never did. They even got happier because Luis gave them a candy before and after! 

After a few months of Luis cutting the boy's hair and his own, we realized we were saving a pretty penny! Luis used to go to the barber every 2 weeks and the boys once a month. So that was $80 to $90 a month we were saving in haircuts! And there were no tears or traumatized kids. It really was a win win.

In March Andis sent me a 19 piece haircutting kit. Luis tried it on the boys right away and fell in love. With his old kit, he didn't have as many blade options and blending the hair took him so much longer. With his new Andis kit there were so many options and it took him a lot less time on each kid.

If you have been searching for an at home kit we highly recommend Andis (similar kit here). It's affordable and works wonderfully. My husband has not touched his old kit since using this one. Although Andis sent me this kit to try for free all opinions are my own (or the hubby's) and we would never recommend something we didn't truly like for ourselves.

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  1. I'm glad you shared this Andis haircutting kit! We've been doing the same thing - lollipops and haircuts at home. It doesn't always go all that smoothly so I will definitely check this out to make life easier. :) Such handsome boys and their haircuts look great!!

    1. Thanks Erin! Yes look for it at Walmart, my husband said he saw it there too. And keep an eye out I may be having another Andis giveaway!


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