The 6 Month Mark

Josiah turned 6 months on Tuesday! Besides the obvious wow factor that time flies, he has changed so much! My baby has endured so much in his short 6 months. I gaze at him every day and feel so extremely lucky that God chose me to be his mother. The way he looks at me with those big beautiful eyes, I can't help but smile as each time melts my heart. Even while typing this I am moved to tears with the feelings I hold for this little angel. 

Josiah's clubfoot has not been easy, but I would choose it all over again every day to get the same baby. Each set of casts came with its set of tears and discomfort for him, and watching him endure that was not easy. With each day came a new challenge and every sleepless night came with the worry if we could make it through. His challenge was my challenge and I tried so hard to make it as painless for him as possible. The hardest time was when we had to rush him back to the hospital at not even a month old, with pneumonia, I was so scared I would lose him. Yet here we are today grateful to have come this far. 
I admire his bravery. He amazes me with every milestone. I know he still has a long road ahead of him, but I like to think the hard part is over. I am eager to see the toddler he becomes and the riots he will cause with his brothers. I wake up every morning to his little groans in the monitor and as I'm rushing to his room I am thanking God he woke up another day. 
Currently he stopped liking solids, he won't drink from a bottle and is constantly wanting to be attached to me. He loves going on long walks and playing with Abram and Eli. He rolls around the living room all day and is making attempts to crawl and sit. He thinks everything is funny and puts everything in his mouth! He has to be in his crib no later than 7 or else he gets horribly fussy, and still wakes up about 3- sometimes 4 times a night!
There are days of exhaustion and those nights I wonder how the heck I got through the day, yet at the end of those days I smile at all the funny things the boys did or said and remember how much I really love them. A mother's job is tough, yet so easy when powered by love. Haha, someone remind me I said that when I'm walking around like a zombie!
As for Josiah's feet they are looking great! I can't help but kiss and rub them every day. They are the cutest feet ever! I am so happy that clubfoot has a cure and that we have some amazing doctors and organizations out there who strive to make a cure possible. I am grateful and my heart is overjoyed when I see updates on social media of the kids who have received treatment and have a chance at walking properly. I didn't know before Josiah was born how precious and valuable feet are.
 That's why I have made it a personal mission to raise awareness on Clubfoot and promote organizations like Miraclefeet who help kids in 13 different countries, get that much needed clubfoot treatment. With a mere $250 they have managed to treat a child's clubfoot! That is truly amazing to me because I see all these charges my insurance gets and Josiah's treatment has already gone well over $4K! Miraclefeet are angels for these children in need. They take donations as low as $20 which is a small price to help a child in need.
Josiah still has months and years ahead of him and I am looking forward to watching him grow. Thank you for tuning into his journey!

To help change a child's life and give your support to a child like Josiah make a donation here.


  1. Congratulations Dominique & Josiah - such a great milestone to have achieved. Love Lans xo

  2. Thanks so much Jen. He really melts my heart!


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