Hello November

In case you didn't know, November is my favorite month. When November hits I am in pure bliss! The weather changes, I can wear my uggs and sweaters again, I look forward to turkey and on the 22nd is Eli's birthday! He is turning 3 this year, although he looks nearly 5 and acts like he's 10! November has always been my favorite month of the year and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, simply because family and friends come together and you are reminded how blessed you are for the little things- and I really really love my mom's stuffing! 
The year Eli was born, almost everyone predicted he would be born on Thanksgiving just for the simple fact that I didn't want him to be born on that day. I wanted to enjoy my dinner and family time. Well Eli came on Thanksgiving day and I missed all of thanksgiving dinner that year! I was pretty upset to say the least! Although I was pretty upset, he was the best gift I could have ever gotten that year. Eli made me feel so grateful for my family and being a mother, he brought our home hope, happiness and much needed peace. Abram was so happy he had a little brother and never showed signs of jealousy at all. Luis had the whole season of paternity leave and didn't go back to work until January, so it was nearly 2 months of family baby bliss. This year will be similar since its Josiah's first holiday season.
So now you know, I am obsessed with November and this time of year. I thank God everyday for my boys and couldn't be more happier for all my blessings. I challenge you this month to stay grateful all month long. Every day look around you and see the beauties of this season, spend time with family and friends, cook new recipes, bundle up and watch a favorite holiday flick! Take every chance you get to be grateful and love life!
May your November be memorable and very blessed!
What are you grateful for this month? Is there something you do to make this season special? Share in the comments below!


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