October For Us

 Sorry for all the blurry pictures, we forgot the camera for most of our trips and had to use the phone.

Happy Saturday everyone! October has been a busy, yet very fun month for us. We've had doctor's appointments, field trips, colds and meltdowns from the kids and myself! Josiah had a complication this week with his skin and the boots so that was a bit tough for him and sleeping, but we have managed to get through the month. 
Today is Halloween and although much of the population celebrates this day, we do not. Halloween for us is just another day. I have never celebrated the holiday myself. We are non-denominational Christians so my family has literally never celebrated this day, I don't remember feeling like I missed out on anything though. Now before you start feeling bad for me and our kids or thinking I take the fun out of the day for them, let me give you a breakdown of what we do instead.
At the beginning of October we buy the boy's costumes and they can wear them anytime they want! Once Halloween is over we will buy the clearance specials for more dress up options. This year they chose Batman and Ironman and they practically lived in them all month. 
They get candy all month long. We give them a candy sporadically as a treat whenever they want, so there is no hyper active kids who have had loads of candy in one night! I couldn't handle the craziness, I am only 1 person!
We went to the pumpkin patch with them 3 times this month! They love it and always have a blast running through the hay maze, doing the hay ride and feeding the farm animals. Of course we bring pumpkins home to decorate the house for Fall and they had a hand in decorating with us.
Our church has a Hallelujah night where kids from our church and the public are welcome to come and play games, do arts and crafts, win prizes and candy. The kids look forward to that night every year and literally never want to leave the church when it's time to come home!
Last night we did a movie sleepover night in the living room. We watched 'Shaun the sheep' and 'Home', which by the way are very funny kid movies and the boys loved them. We stayed up until 10pm laughing and snacking and they were so happy I slept with them in the living room on our bed made of layers of blankets (yes I woke up with a crick in my neck). Today our church is having a special service, so we will be attending that.
So as you can see our family stays busy the month of October and the kids don't feel they miss out on anything. The only reason we don't celebrate this day is because it has nothing to do with God. Every holiday has a meaning for celebration: Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus, Easter to celebrate when Jesus rose from the dead, Thanksgiving to be thankful for what God gives us, such as family and friends. Halloween has no Godly representation and a lot of the holiday represents evil. Abram and Eli actually get really scared around this holiday and watch a lot less tv cartoons and hate the scary decor in the yards and stores. I have to remind them that none of that stuff is real and the scary stories are not true.
For those of you going out tonight please be safe and indeed have fun. For great safety tips check here! Have a great start to November!

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